Looking for a Makati home 101

I woke up at 4am today. Yes. An hour before my alarm so I can enjoy my coffee and to possibly escape from a sudden surge of rainfall.

The windows in our unit are closed. And it was still too dark outside to really know what was happening. 

I finished my usual morning routine. Went down the building, off to work. But guess what? I was taken aback that the area in front of our building was flooded. Luckily, our room is on the tenth floor so, I did not need to worry about water getting in the house. Moreover, a 24-hour convenience store is just at the ground floor. 

Storm. And everywhere is flood. Lucky to have found a unit that is… well, safe. 
I didn’t know Manila in the rain can be this scary. So, if you are going to look for a home here, consider the following:
<h2><b>Cheap and high rise</h2></b>

Choose a unit that is located on a second or third floor. I really thought that rain is not as dreading here as it is in the province. 

This is the first time I experienced flooding ever!  I have heard of some friends needing to evacuate themselves and their stuff because of water. You wouldn’t want that and it is still good to sleep peacfully no matter if it is rainibg so hard outside.

<h2><b>Near marts, convenience stores, and terminals</h2></b>

I have food stuck in here but they are cupcakes and a loaf of bread. Good enough if I didn’t want to starve for a single meal, right? But if you need a heavy meal, do not risk going out to the rain and walking through the gray water! Gray water a.ka. flood water: drain water. You do not want infection!  

It is so fortunate that the convenience store is just at the ground floor. They sell medicine there, too. And if things do get worse, I can just mettle my way to the bus terminal. 

<h2><b>Near your friends</h2></b>

When I realized that I cannot go to work today, I decided to just maybe read some things and write this blog piece.

But, dude, how boring this place would be hadn’t my friends’ work been cancelled! You need back ups too, you know.

Ultimately, do not compromise safety over price! Never. OK? 

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