Did he ever say “I love you”?

Did he ever say “I love you”?
We live in a world where we value the idea of love, yet we do not fully commit ourselves to what it entails.
We have romanticized and have associated ourself to the story of love that are so like the movies: No strings Attached, Friends with Benefits, or 50 Days of Summer.

We connect yet we are so distant; we are so in love with being in love yet not with the person. We are happy but we are not real.
I know some would agree when I say that this type of relationship is confusing. It gives you moments of paralyzing anxiety wondering how much of a worth you are to the other or if you are worth anything at all. You get confused with the way he treats you. He is sweet and then forgets about you the next moment. You spend some of your time sulking somewhere dark and cold and thinking what are we? Yet, you cannit ask because you know what you are is unfavorable to you. 

However, no matter how foolish we think the situation is, we tend to believe that there indeed is something. And that adulthood tells us that that something may not be labelled as long as you both know how you feel. And if only to compensate the lack of security, you make yourself believe and you allow to blossom a one sided relationship.

But it is wrong

Life is not supposed to be like the films you watch on Netflix where the characters could go on playing around and then decide they want each other. That is not real. That could never be real. Endings in movies are profitable but your life isn’t tagged with a movie ticket. Your emotions don’t depend on the audience’s reactions. 

Your life is real.
In order for a relationship to be true, it has to be labelled. If there is one thing I have learned, that is commitment is the utmost proof of love. And a relationship void of such is doomed to fail. Not because you are infedilous, but because an uncommited relationship is a kind that is confused and insecure. A kind that is only good for the ego and a curse for the soul. A kind that wastes time and youthfulness. A kind that is not a relationship.

Yes, he is kind, yes, he takes care of you, but did he ever say I love you? Don’t mistake his actions for his real emotions. As Shakespeare puts it,”all the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players.”  

Do not give more than what is required. Do not be the wife to a man who can’t even see himself holding your hand. Don’t be taken head over heels by false togetherness. Do not be the secret girl he encourages to believe is special is in hidden as you “don’t need to prove anything to the world.”

You deserve a man who is proud to have you. A man who introduces you to all the people special to him. Someone who does not make you worry, someone who does not make you cry. Someone who does not make you feel doubtful of who you are. Someone who does not strangle you in his unreasonable rules of not doing this and that, someone who does not confine you only in his world just so he can have you anytime.

You need to be with a man you do not need to dumb down yourself for. A man who trusts you. A man who never lies to you. A man who does not make you stupid. A man who does not make you wait. A man who tell you who you are in his life and means it. 

Did he ver say I love you? Regardless if he acts like Prince Charming, if he does not care about how you feel, do yourself a favor. Leave. 

Do yourself a favor. Chase the sun and run from the Grim Reaper.

Note: Writing prompt care of Carmela Dawn Abas “Did he ever say I love you” 

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