Practicality or Passion?

Practicality or passion? This is the most disturbing question any graduating millenial tries to answer.
Ideally, you finish school and earn money but we get tormented between choosing a job that pays the bills and pursuing a job we like so that we never have to work a day in our life.

Expectedly, we need to choose a job that can pay our bills. I am not saying that we are just born to pay this and that but in reality, even the most luxurious life you can think of involves the exchange of money for goods. 
Should you wish to travel, you pay the plane ticket, you buy your food, you pay hotels and all. Should you opt to buy a car, you purchase using money. Though the concept of “bills” means relatively to some, I have thought that maybe we can make our own bill classification into a positive bill and a negative bill.

Do not be confused. This idea stemmed from my personal experience and cannot be found in books. But really, when a bill is something mandatory, like electricity bills, we find it an obligation—now that is the negative bill. However, if the bill is something we chose to have, like that trip to Venice, we tag it as living the life we want—that’s the positive bill right there.

Do you see how our life is formed by our mindset? 

People tell you, you need to have a job at once but if you think you are not ready, then don’t apply yet. Go enjoy the summer!

If people tell you that you need to be more practical and choose the higher paying job over the job that you like, well… choose the job you want because eventually, you get performance bonus and the salary that you deserve.

You see, if you love what you do, you excel in it. Nonetheless, if the opportunity for your passiion is not there yet, then here is a win-win choice you could try for yourself: so, the answer to the question is this: look for a day job that can pay all the bills and put saving in your bank account but still find time doing things you want.

As a young professional back in 2011, I was lucky enough to have landed a first job that pays well. I was paid per hour and I only work for 4 days a week, 3-6 hours a day. But the thing is, I earn twice as much as my counterparts. Lucky enough, yes. Nevertheless, I realized that it is not really the job I wanted. Though I was able to help other people and I enjoyed my collegues’company, I couldn’t find a sense of fulfilment.
So, what did I do? I left and became almost unemployed for two years. I practiced freelance writing. Though I was earning a relatively small amount, I felt happy whenever I get to publish pieces. But here’s the rub: my freelance job almost couldn’t pay the bills.

So, when I got back to my senses,  I went back to the industry and got lucky enough to land a day job. Yes, this job is something I leave at the office and gives me my weekends and evenings off. But since I was able to establish a writing gig for myself, I opted to continue doing it.

I did not want to stop my passion (which is writing) so I struggled to land writing gigs again. And right now, whenever I have time, I do SEO and I contribute to an online news site.

Am I happy? Definitely better than in 2013 when I thought I was not achieving anything. Right now, I feel fulfilled that I get to do what I want (writing) while being able to do what I should (pay the bills).

“Choose a job you want and you will never have to work a day in your life”

I suggest not to take this literally. It will stress you out. Whether or not you pick what you love or you choose to do what you can, you’ll work either way. The difference would be the amount of satisfaction you give yourself.

You may actually opt to make your passion your job but if it earns too little, do not worry. Do not rush. It will get bigger soon. Just do not give up. Most importantly, do not listen to people who give deadlines to your success.

It is yours. Own it!

We get to go where we are supposed to at our own pace, remember that.
It took me 6 years after graduating college before I got my dream job. 

Well, my dream job is actually my “sideline job” but that does not matter. I learned that the thing I was stressing about three years ago is meaningless today.

If I had known I would become an official writer, I wouldn’t have had sulked in one corner of my house thinking I was putting my talent to waste.

Passion or practicality? Both.

Fast success or slow success? That is up to you. Fast. Slow. Does not matter. If you could go fast, do it. If you are scared, at least take little steps. Taking one step is still better than not moving at all.

Ultimately, fulfill your role but still pay yourself when you have time. If the job steals your personal space, leave.

There are tons of job posts out there. Find your fit. Sometimes, it will take a few days, a week, months or a couple of years. That’s OK. Look for what you want and all the waiting will be worth it.

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