The Philippines and the Selective Sympathy

Fatal blasts — as how credible online sources describe the bombing in Davao City yesterday, September 2, 2016.

It is not the first peril we have witnessed as citizens this year and we know that what usually follows such circumstances would be social campaigns for different versions of prayers for the world.

Filipino to the world, Filipino to the Philippines

The Filipinos won’t lag behind as our fellowmen take part in Global issues.
For instance, we kept tuned to the Brexit, but did not care about Chexit. We roared for the Rio Olympics which could be of a trivial importance, but felt secure even with the extra judicial killings.

Back a few months ago, we joined the rest of the world in grief.  We prayed for Paris but not for Ghana, we cried for Syria yet we do not do anything about it. We advocate for world peace and equality yet criticism for our own exists within our borders.

We wish for terrorism to stop yet we mock the bombings in Davao.

Why is it that when it’s the world, we automatically get involved and when it is us, we allow our differing opinions dictate how we act as a people?

Do we really have to stoop down to the level that we personally attack each other to prove our point? That we incite rebellion just so we can prove the other is lying? That we don’t focus on humanity and its moral aspects just so we can emphasize imperfections?


Selective Sympathy

We may not always agree with one another but if an issue is a threat to life, can’t we at least protect each other and be a family? Can’t we also pray for us as we pray for them?

Is selective sympathy the Christianity we have been telling the world that we are?

If we want world peace, would it be too much to want that to start within our country first? If we really are for the world, shouldn’t we also be for our  fellowmen?

This is not the time to doubt the government. This is the time we realize there is something wrong with how we project ourselves in consonance with our supposed moral behaviors.

If the country is breeding a generation that believes humanitarian acts are selective, what have our efforts for better education have been for?

Maybe we can ask ourselves: do I really understand, or do I just want to go with the flow? Better yet, am I for the world or am I just a hypocrite?



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