A spinster’s letter for an expected child

Dear my supposed baby,

It’s your supposed mom. Hello. I write in loathe that probably I will never get to meet you and officially be a mother.

Not that you are a miscarriage or anything, but because at this point, I feel strongly that I would probably never fall in love so much again. So much that I would consider resurrecting my belief in real marriage, nor would I ever meet a man that could be your supposed dad.

No, supposed mommy does not sleep around. It’s not what she does, supposed sweetheart. She would like to marry for love and not for convenience. For it, I am sorry, supposed baby, that you would probably never exist.

I would love to be a mother, too. Feel the nausea of morning sickness, the frustration of food cravings in the wee hours of the night, the stress of not wanting to smell nor to see people just because I don’t want to, and squirm in pain of contraction. Add to that, that I want to feel the immense torture of labor. However, my supposed child, supposed mommy got her heart broken a million times that she does not want you to be broken, too.

But if ever you would come, and I still so hope you would, even with slightest twist in my diminishing faith, I would be ecstatic and I would name you the name I had thought of years ago.

But supposed baby, I would want a family for you. The usual mom plus dad equals baby equation and if circumstances turn out otherwise, know supposed mommy fell hard in love with your supposed daddy but he chose to flee from the man he ought to have become.

For now, supposed little one, just hang in there. If we never get to meet, please don’t take it against me. For if I would raise you, I would want you to love and not just to please yourself.

But if in all oddities you do have a power or a say to this, please, please, find your way into my tummy.


Your supposed mom


True love never has only a second chance

Second chances never end for your true love. It’s just plainly “limitless.”

Tell me I’m wrong. You can’t.

How many times have you been hurt but how many times more have you forgiven? Your giving back is always twice as much as you take because when it’s real, you never want to lose it. But if it’s not, it is easy for you to  commit things that can tarnish the relationship. The reason? Simply because you don’t care enough.

When do you stop?

It is a normal human condition to want to share. But it is pretty odd if the sharing includes your partner.

You don’t do that because as humans we are people and not a commodity. Cheating is a kind of sin that is meant. Considering the gravity of it, it is actually something not worth forgiving at all. However, they say people can change but note that if it was done once, it can be done over and over, again and again.

Cheating. Cheating is a sin that is brewed. It is planned. First, your partner meets someone, then they start communicating. Then they start hiding. And then they engage in activities they shouldn’t have engaged in. And then they get caught and then he tells you he loves you.

If a person loves you, he won’t plan on hurting you in secret; he would be afraid to lose you because no matter if he haven’t met all the women in the world, he thinks you are all the woman in the world.

If he did cheat once, OK, maybe he got carried away. But if he did it twice or more or worse, he never admits to it, pack your bags and leave. He is not a man after all. He is just staying with you for convenience but he does not have a deep respect for you nor for the love that you think is real.

Love is not dependence

Love is not dependence nor it is fear. If you stay just because you don’t know how it will be, you’re not in love, you’re dependent.

And when you are, you give the person the power to hurt you again and to imprison you in an illusion of a complete family and a happy one. A happy family is never built on lies.

Free yourself from the burden.

Let go of the baggage.

A woman does not always need a man to be strong or to to make it in life.

A good mother does not need a man who survives his family on betrayal nor does your children need a father who tell them respect is important but does otherwise.

When does second chances stop? Whenever you decide to. It’s your call. You are a hurricane. Stop being a breeze.


The Philippines and the Selective Sympathy

Fatal blasts — as how credible online sources describe the bombing in Davao City yesterday, September 2, 2016.

It is not the first peril we have witnessed as citizens this year and we know that what usually follows such circumstances would be social campaigns for different versions of prayers for the world.

Filipino to the world, Filipino to the Philippines

The Filipinos won’t lag behind as our fellowmen take part in Global issues.
For instance, we kept tuned to the Brexit, but did not care about Chexit. We roared for the Rio Olympics which could be of a trivial importance, but felt secure even with the extra judicial killings.

Back a few months ago, we joined the rest of the world in grief.  We prayed for Paris but not for Ghana, we cried for Syria yet we do not do anything about it. We advocate for world peace and equality yet criticism for our own exists within our borders.

We wish for terrorism to stop yet we mock the bombings in Davao.

Why is it that when it’s the world, we automatically get involved and when it is us, we allow our differing opinions dictate how we act as a people?

Do we really have to stoop down to the level that we personally attack each other to prove our point? That we incite rebellion just so we can prove the other is lying? That we don’t focus on humanity and its moral aspects just so we can emphasize imperfections?


Selective Sympathy

We may not always agree with one another but if an issue is a threat to life, can’t we at least protect each other and be a family? Can’t we also pray for us as we pray for them?

Is selective sympathy the Christianity we have been telling the world that we are?

If we want world peace, would it be too much to want that to start within our country first? If we really are for the world, shouldn’t we also be for our  fellowmen?

This is not the time to doubt the government. This is the time we realize there is something wrong with how we project ourselves in consonance with our supposed moral behaviors.

If the country is breeding a generation that believes humanitarian acts are selective, what have our efforts for better education have been for?

Maybe we can ask ourselves: do I really understand, or do I just want to go with the flow? Better yet, am I for the world or am I just a hypocrite?