An open letter to the love of my life

Dear You,

I know that this message is open for a thousand pair of eyes but I am certain that it will lay on the right vision of the person to whom this is written for: you. That even I name you not, my words will speak directly to you.

The one I speak with all day.
The one I am intimate any minute of the night:
You I dream with;
You I talk to;
You I look at the moon and stars with;
You who wish I was there;
You who wish I was OK;
You who shun the thunder;
That kind of intimacy where our souls mend our broken pieces brought by miles between us and the labels we no longer require.

I never had the courage to say things when you are with me but on the day that I first saw your photograph, it curved a smile on my lips and I started to be curious and to wonder on every minute detail about you: how your voice sounds, how you walk, how you smell, and what could your favorite basketball team be.

Others may say that it was spark, I say that it was meant to be.

My thought never raced that fast about anyone ever and when they said that people meet people for a purpose, I had a thought — actually hope — of what it could be.


I suddenly felt comfortable talking to you like everything you say is interesting. And at times when you are sick or out of reach, worry touches my thoughts. I worry not because I have the right to be but because I just know that I care about you. A lot.

Worrying is not a right. It is an emotion.

Fast track to that December when I realized you are the one, and from then until now you are everything that is wonderful in my world.

You do not know what you do to me, but you are that person who can make or break me, inspire or discourage me, keep me hanging without asking questions, and subversively say yes to whatever you opt to.

You impress me in ways you can never understand: your intelligence, your jokes, simply your existence. Know that no matter how much I try and compare, no one can ever be close to you. At least in my own standards of perfect affection and epitome of great love.

You are the eligible bachelor and you know I don’t lie about commendations for I never want to tarnish my taste. And in that praise covers my inner message that I did not choose you. Because love is never chosen, it is just felt. 


And I felt happier with you. Any problem seems less of a problem when you laugh about them. You are everything that makes my world happier and I don’t know how to be without you anymore.

I did not choose you. I just felt you and I just wanted you.

So when people ask why you, honestly, I don’t know. It’s just you. I just love you. No reasons. It just is.

You are my eligible bachelor and in that title goes the subtle plea that I be your represent.

Remember that as I was,

I always will be,


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