26 on the 26th

It is going to be once in a lifetime that I am as old as my birth date, it may sound cheesy but there is a lot to be thankful for.

When I was 13, I made a bucket list of what I should have accomplished by 25 and hey I’m old but I’d like to say 25 is not the peak yet, rather, a beginning of adulting.

I have not accomplished some of my goals for I had been through rough times two years ago. Anxiety attacks here and there but hey no one is perfect.

I still feel like I have not amounted to anything yet but I am definitely not nothing.

To people reading this post and commenting so what? Yeah, so, why are you reading in the first place? LOL.

Anyway, who cares? People have different measurement of success. I bet somewhere people wish to be me like how they wish they were you. So my bucket list has gotten dust already but here we go:

1. I have finished college. As well as a Masters Degree and yeah, currently in the look out for a university for a PhD. Why? Because why not? As my friend said, PhD at 26? Who cares? Bam! A mom at 26? Who cares? Whoopsie. LOL.

2. No, I did not marry at 25 and will not marry this year but I fell in love deeply and is loved deeply as well (Insert a huge “awwww” here). Still single not willing to mingle. Let’s say I’m kind of, reserved. Pak ganern!

3.  No, I have not composed a song but I sang a couple. In front of people. I sing at videokes now.

4. I haven’t published a book but I landed a stint at freelance journalism. Hey CrowdH News 🙂 You are awesome!

5. I haven’t been to MTV VJ Hunt, one of the reasons I took Mass Communication, but I host events and that’s kind of like almost the same thing.

6. No I haven’t been to Europe but I am planning to book a trip Asian first.

7. Yup, I have read tons of books and there are still a lot in my bag I haven’t opened yet since 2011.

8. I still haven’t gotten enough confidence in myself yet but I am getting there.

9. Finally! I got to finally maintain a blog, yey! And it will soon be profitable, too.

10. I realized that since life won’t give me apples, I will plant my own trees. But the main question that remains is… When will I cut my hair?



Sa mga nagmahal, nagtiwala, hindi nakalimot, never nang-iwan, apir! I love you.

Sa mga nagback stab, nainggit, nainsecure (meron gang kaiinsecurean?), nagselos, nagalit dahil sobrang ganda ko (char!), pasensya na po. I am not a tease. I’m just a reminder of what you will never become. Charrrr!!!!

Mas malaking I love you at thank you sa inyo. Because of your criticisms I pushed for the better version of me.

Like what I used to say, I don’t believe in being the best. I believe in being better. I am not gonna say more, baka iplagiarize mo pa e.

God, thank you.
Mom and dad, perfect genes. 🙂
Siblings, malalaki na kayo kaya nyo na yang mga assignment nyo.
Gwapings, ayiii ampogi mo po haha

I hope this turns out great.
I hope for more years to come.
Tara, kain. 🙂

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