How not to have pimples

What do you use on your face?

The usual question I get from people. This is not to boast or whatever but people commend that I have good skin: in their terms pimple free and smooth.

To bust the myth, I do get pimples but not a lot. Usually one here and there, but mostly within the hairline.

So what product do I use on my face? None.


I have tried using Ponds, Clean&Clear, Mary Kay, and Usana Sense.

Of course I have my favorite, but after a few days, I stopped using them for two reasons: first, I can’t stand the beauty routine and second, I think I am quite allergic to beauty creams.

Ponds: I got itchy skin after about a week.

Clean&Clear: I got oily skin after a couple of days.

Mary Kay: Tolerable up to a month but eventually my skin got itchy

Usana Sense: Good up to as long as I can remember but yeah, like with others I ended up getting itchy skin, too.

So what do I do to get rid of pimples?

1. No soap just water

Back when I was a teenager and most of my friends were being conscious and starting a beauty regimen, or they are getting zits, I was too lazy to maintain any, so I stuck to washing my face with just water.

Yup, after a long day at school, I go home to splash water on my face.

The result?

I was one of the few teens in my batch without pimples or oily skin all throughout my teenage years.


2. I drink plenty of water

Like more than 8 glasses a day.

Check my bag and you would find my notebook missing but not a bottle of water. Sometimes when I eat, I get to consume about a liter. Sometimes even more in one meal. Cons: I was often in the bathroom.

3. I sleep on time

8 hours of sleep is mandatory for me.

I never had a moment when I found it cool to be up until 3AM streaming whatever and then waking up at 6AM.


Not due to skin issues but because I cannot function the next day. Aside from that, the body needs sleep to detoxify, so lacking it would greatly affect how your skin looks.

4. Less chemicals on skin

Aside from the usual moisturizing lotion or UV protection creams I only use when I swim, I do not pay attention to any creams at all.

I think they help but not completely. Medical books I have read say that the nourishment should start from within. Aside that your DNA does a great deal to how you look, cell nourishment does more than topical creams. In short, whatever manifests outside the skin is caused by something underneath.


5. No vices

I don’t drink nor smoke.

Chemicals. Toxins. Do they affect your usual body processes? Definitely! (Remember no 4)

Did you know that if your liver is healthy it can actually produce Glutathione? Yes. Then you no longer need those injections or pills.

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