How to prepare for heavy rain

Rainy season. We love the cold and layers of clothes but not getting wet and being stranded right?

This is the usual dilemma of the working class: how to get to and from work. So the question is, how do we cope with the heavy rain and the flooding?

Here are five things to do:

1. Bring jelly shoes, boots, slippers, and shirt

I always carry with me two bags: one for my stuff and another one for my extra shoes.

I have a pair of jellies and a pair of slippers and extra shoes I can use at work. Plus, the one I am actually wearing as I go to work. In short I have four footwear with me everyday. Why?

I find it gross to stick with wet shoes for the whole day and I cannot afford to actually let my shoes soak in water for they will easily get worn out.

If I were a boy, I would bring extra shirt and change in the next stop I get to however, I’m a girl so I bring a hoodie or sweater. I wore one last night and it got wet. But not me directly.


2. Always have an umbrella

Rain or shine. Even when it is heavy. No explanations, just bring one. It is never cool to be all wet especially if you are going in a commute. You don’t want other people to get wet just because you stand or sit next to them. Aside that you could be a disturbance, it can get you sick.

3. Bring plastic

There is a ban, I know, but a paper bag cannot keep rain water from ruining your stuff.

I always bring four small pieces of plastic I use to put my shoes in and a huge one for my whole bag. I have pens, notebooks, and gadgets in there. I am never amenable to smudging any information.

4. Bring water and food

What is sure is there is gonna be huuuge traffic. Your usual one hour commute could be extended up to how many hours! That is true! Or worse, you may not be able to get on a ride as fast as you need to be.

People rush to whatever PUV that stops so chances are they are full thus, you may actually add another hour for your waiting time. You cannot afford to stop over a convenience store because the goal is not to be wet and to get home as soon.


5. Don’t be upset. Enjoy the rain and the flood

What? How can we do that when we are actually wet?

That is why you need to pay attention to numbers 1 to 4.

One reason that actually makes me stressed about all these rains is that I worry of soaking my clothes, shoes, and my bag. But if I have prepared extra and I know that I can secure them dry, hey, I could enjoy a bit of rain.

But the more acceptable justification is, if things are out of your control, just let them be and stop stressing yourself.

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