Adults are tall children

Lawyers I suppose, were children once.

This is the foreword of my favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird. I like it, the foreword, perhaps because behind the sentence, there is somewhat an implication, or an allegation, that even the toughest of adults we know have soft spots too — their childhood.

I do not have issues with lawyers, it’s just that this statement reminded me of how transitioning from my younger self to who I am now often made me doubt who I really am.

There is no denying  that childhood can be nice as this was when our characters formed  and our aspirations were born. It is the same period when we discovered that the world is a huge playground and that life was simple: eat, drink, play, sleep and the routine goes on as long as it could.

Then one day, without knowing, we are then transformed into another human being — devoid of time concept but evaded by new realities.


We never felt growing old. We were never ready for anything. We just opened our eyes one day and from simple writing of our names on a piece of paper, people suddenly expected more: to copy a sentence, a paragraph, eventually, to compose our own.

And the list of “a-suddens” cannot and will not stop there.  Because life is once a childhood and forever an adult responsibility.

Back in the day, we were taught of the good and the bad and to stick to the rules. But the grown up world prompts  us to always choose between our morality and their morality that we question our self if we are still the same person or worse, if our decisions have  turned us against our good nature.

We had to, not because we are evil, but because we are required. It is as if there is an unspoken rule that we have to conform to whatever is happening around us even when we don’t understand why we do what we’re told and why we choose what we do not really want.

This world will make us choose what is not absolutely acceptable at times just so we can keep the order. Just so we can keep the so called peace. But when we look around we know that what is happening is not human nature. What is happening is not what we desire. What is happening is abomination and hatred that we duly allow to occur just because we have fake standards of what is acceptable and what cannot be.

We turn to become people who speak of the good but stare at the chance to goodness; people who claim that the world is becoming rubbish but go on with our usual coffee and table talks; people who despise crime but reject the essential forms of discipline that should be embodied in the homes to create a law abiding human being.

We are the generation of people who write too well but do nothing. The people who want change but think that alone it is absurdity.

If only each person today can start to stop being afraid of allegations of self righteousness and elitism and can put forward genius ideas and incite global movement, then this world will stop making us inquire within our selves if we are the good or the nemesis in the story.

Apparently, whichever side we choose to listen to, whichever story we decide to write, whichever society we choose to belong, to one other’s pact, we are
both and if we are both the hero and villain, then we are nobody.

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