The growth of the forgotten child

I guess we all come to a point when we question everything that we are and have been.

We question whether we have made the right choices and if there were things that could be a lot better had we chosen differently.


We always have that. The reservations. The what ifs. And yes. We are all afraid that the security we feel now in our our selves could someday change: that we would wake up one day and realize, hey I no longer like this job, I no longer enjoy this car, or hey, why on earth have I decided I am gonna be forever with this wo/man?

Reservations. Regrets. I guess there could be no difference. Why do we feel sure today and then have doubt’s that may be later we wouldn’t be. Or why do we end up doing the things we do; becoming the icons that we are only to change our paths afterwards.

Have we wasted years? Time we can never get back? Age we can never hold on to? For as fluid as things could be, the despise wrong decisions can present to you could eat up the last bit of decency in your head.

So for  one more time, despite the smile, despite the excitement, ask yourself once more. Is this what I want? Is this who I want to be? Is this what I could spend the rest of my days for?

We ask this not to doubt our life right now and our lives ahead. We ask this because we don’t want to be the other’s failure, the other’s heartbreak, the other’s what if.

I guess in the end, the lesson is we don’t have to rush things just because the current is going there.

We have our own pace, our own time. And in this world that makes you feel more lost than secured, go back to yourself.

Listen to that inner voice you heard when you were little that told you that you can be that and you are this.

That voice is the childhood friend that never lies. The childhood ally that never leaves. That child that you are that you forgotten but please, for the sake of your own happiness, do not listen to someone else’s childhood.

You have yours wrapped with all the greatness that you are and you were made to be.

Run back to that childhood dream. Let that child mature. Do not look at your life using someone else’s eyes.

Go back and choose yourself. And maybe in a few days, you would no longer question the consequences because you have started nurturing your own design to deviate from the others’ perceived image of who you are not.

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