The Manic that is Monday

The morning rose thru a droplet of sunlight across your eyes and you realize it’s Monday. The dreaded Monday. The Manic Monday.

Of course, you will have to wake up a few hours earlier than usual so you can step on a bus which in the most absurdity becomes choosy in picking passengers.  You don’t wanna drive your car. Toll fee does toll on you and the traffic could be dragging. You’d  rather pay less and do less and let someone else dragged than yourself.

Tiring isn’t it? Like, everyday to work.  But fret not, tire not, you’re not the only one.

Everyone else is busy too. And everyone else at where you are right now woke up pretty much earlier than you did. Some did not have breakfast, some may have not taken a bath but you are so prepared. Not to take joy in the sacrifices of other people but looking outwards will let you see that what you do is not a burden to yourself but a part of societal design that allows it to function fully. And you are a part of it.

Mondays can be manic, as that song goes, but sometimes when you do try to stop looking only at yourself and start understanding things in someone else’s view, you’d know that the Philippines is not getting you punished for having to wait in queue or to stand in the bus all the way to where you are heading.

You are one of the reasons the other people have a life. Society is a web wherein all the strands get tied together in the middle. If not, there would be no web, there would be no traffic, there would be no waking up early, there would be no Mondays.

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