The Manic that is Monday

The morning rose thru a droplet of sunlight across your eyes and you realize it’s Monday. The dreaded Monday. The Manic Monday.

Of course, you will have to wake up a few hours earlier than usual so you can step on a bus which in the most absurdity becomes choosy in picking passengers.  You don’t wanna drive your car. Toll fee does toll on you and the traffic could be dragging. You’d  rather pay less and do less and let someone else dragged than yourself.

Tiring isn’t it? Like, everyday to work.  But fret not, tire not, you’re not the only one.

Everyone else is busy too. And everyone else at where you are right now woke up pretty much earlier than you did. Some did not have breakfast, some may have not taken a bath but you are so prepared. Not to take joy in the sacrifices of other people but looking outwards will let you see that what you do is not a burden to yourself but a part of societal design that allows it to function fully. And you are a part of it.

Mondays can be manic, as that song goes, but sometimes when you do try to stop looking only at yourself and start understanding things in someone else’s view, you’d know that the Philippines is not getting you punished for having to wait in queue or to stand in the bus all the way to where you are heading.

You are one of the reasons the other people have a life. Society is a web wherein all the strands get tied together in the middle. If not, there would be no web, there would be no traffic, there would be no waking up early, there would be no Mondays.


The Media and the Broadcast of Politically Irrelevant Idealism

What could be more dumbfounding in the Filipino governance arena than the media magnifying the voices of impolitically related personalities when it comes to the most critical turn in Philippine politics?

We can be safe to say then that now fame becomes tantamount to knowledge which is of course, downright embarrassing especially the technology we have is an international platform to the broadcast political ignorance.

An athlete, a celebrity on the political chairs. These are the people the citizens trusted the legislation with. We are talking about laws here. Governance. It is not something that can work with trial and error and definitely not something a political adviser can get around with. Because ideally legislation is not something you just pull off, not something you just get by with, it is something you get done with conviction.

I am no political expert; however, as a citizen I do understand that what the country needs is not just a doer but also a thinker. By thinker I refer to someone equipped with enough experience and knowledge. It is not an “or” situation, politics and governance entails the combination of both.

Some analysts would go and say that the period of experience can be supplicated with knowledge and the qualifications of a good politician could be agreed upon, but look at the Constitution – it may be nodded to that what’s therein justifies the kind of choices voters make.

Anyone can run for a position as long as he is old enough, a citizen, and is literate. So, if conditions fall a bit out of what is stated, it will be shadowed if you meet the previous three qualifications.

Another, people choose what’s convenient over logical and credible sources of information. We deem the opinions of some mere supporter without political expertise as credible political analysis or news that we absorb to become the ideal we share with everyone else.

The media tolerate this. Do not say it do not because these unsolicited political reviews from mere spectators produce an uneducated discourse on agenda, probable uprising, intolerance and all the post election dramas you get when majority of society, who are educated only by social media posts and not by master narratives from established institutions that provide us the real know-whats in politics, economics, and the whole of the Philippine foundations, became led by a cat that see herself a lion in her reflection from the waters – aside that it’s a lucid dream, the image created is false and powerless, going against already fierce and skillful pack of wolves.

Who gets defeated here if we continue letting our youths be educated by know-it-alls? A generation of hollow machines that act based on rumors rather than educated beliefs!

We do have Google, we do have Facebook and Twitter but these are originally platforms for your personal concerns and for, technically, socialization but as far as we know, these were not created to become established institutions of knowledge.

Yes, you may chip off a bit of curiosity by taking advantage of these sites but please refer back to your books, to your Philippine history and do not stick with one author only. Look at all possible angles to a story to understand it well.


We are not demeaning the people. Yes, we are all entitled to our opinion but a responsible person should know that s/he is also responsible for how s/he influences everyone else especially if one knows that s/he gets a good following.

If you know you are not qualified to make certain propositions, then just don’t. So, what gives me the right to post this? As a former educator who believes in critical thinking, as a writer and communication practitioner taught to be mindful of the credibility of the sources I resort to, and as a big sister who wants my younger siblings to think and not just reflect, I am qualified.

If I do get the chance to choose who to follow in this time of viewers-turned self-proclaimed political analysts before a tantalizing government spectacle, I would choose an educated influencer over just famous ones. Everytime.

Do so, too, if not for your contributions to your country, for the sake of your own reputation at least.

Power and Distortion of History

Power changes everything. Indulging in Critical Discourse Analysis tells you that. It is a study of how language and power are able to form realities in society and clearly, its influence had been spurring the political wheels and opinions of more or less, uncritical audience.


For example, Cleopatra’s death. Cleopatra. Yes, The Seductress, The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, The Prostitute Queen, Egypt’s Last Pharaoh. That Cleopatra.

Just recently, I have had interest in her life and death and have planned to book a trip to Alexandria though no trace of her dynasty remains above the oceans but what is interesting is how no accurate record of Cleopatra’s death exists.

Any Egyptian historian would argue and say Plutarch’s writing do exist but authenticity of his writings can be questioned especially Plutarch wrote about Cleopatra’s death a century after her demise. His words clearly admit his lack of knowledge:

The truth of the matter is no one knows

Cleopatra killed herself through snake bite. At least that’s what the books would tell you. The Princess who first claimed to be the daughter of the Egyptian goddess Isis who later on claimed to be Isis herself, made an Asp bite her in the bosom so she could be directly transcended to the world of the gods.

Octavian noted that it was just a matter of minutes when The Queen wrote him a suicide letter and him finding her dead. Or as Plutarch suggests, she could have had poisoned herself by ingesting liquid she kept in her hair emblems.


I reject to believe that Cleopatra killed herself for two reasons:

1. Modern tests will tell you an Asp’s venom would take hours to kill a victim and
2. The poison would require at least a glass to be ingested in order to take effect in hours. That is too much to hide in your headdress, wouldn’t it?

Gaps in the story? Definitely. And with Egypt’s known technology that time, it would have been ridiculous for them not to have discovered the fraud.

Power? Probably. As Octavian was then ruler of Rome after his Uncle, The Great Julius Caesar. And the event took place after he defeated Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, the Ruler of the East

Character profiling would even tell you that it is not in Cleopatra’s character to kill herself. A woman who sees herself and her son with Julius Caesar ruling the world and doing everything in her power to achieve that vision, being the strategist she was, was not the kind of person who would resort to suicide during a defeat.

A suicide note? No one plans to kill herself and broadcast it to the world. That would forfeit the purpose. Absurdity.

But why had people accepted Octavian’s declaration that the Queen killed herself? Power. And the result? Potential lies in history books.

It is sad that after all these years, Cleopatra’s tomb hasn’t been found yet. Coincidental? Or someone so intelligent back then could have predicted that the manner of death could be examined?

I can’t wait until archeologists unearth The Queen and tell the world of how much power can distort reality and probably teach us that actual events do not come in dramatically and illogically, but is always, as in war, tragic.