Valentines: On Bludgeoned Sheep and Commercialization

Valentines is probably one of the times when some girls become uh, sad (?) for being single. And especially when most couples tend to flare up becoming all excited to profess their love for each other. And where does that leave the single people out there? In one corner being sad that they are alone

But for the religious romantics out there, you should know that while Valentines maybe a big deal to some, it used to be a pagan festival that involves bludgeoned sheep and women coated in blood.


Valentine Who?

If you would do research on Valentines, you would end up reading about three Catholic Bishops honoured on this day. While determining which story is the legit source, what is known is that back in the times of Emperor Claudius of Rome, he forbid marriage of young men because he found that single men made better soldiers than married ones. Deeming this unfair, a certain Valentine continued marrying couples in secret. Considering this a defiance, The Emperor ordered for his death.

Pagan What?


During the ancient times, a pagan festival called Lupercalia was being celebrated. As a belief, women used sheep blood to coat their body in order to elevate fertility. And believe me when I say that this festival is way too creepy! Go ahead, research this on your own but I already gave you a warning!

But if we have Tinder today, this festival could be the great grandfather of online dating sites! Eventually, single women put their names in a bowl where guys tend to pick the names of women they would meet. These meetings usually end up in marriage.

When Christians wanted to convert pagans to Christianity, the Church translated Lupercallia to a festivity in honour of Valentine. Aside that Valentine was known to defy the Emperor for love, February is also believed to be the mating season for birds.

One thing led to the other and tadah! Valentines Day as it is known today: flowers, teddy bears, and expensive dates. Aside that it is an illegitimate holiday, it is also a multi million commodity. Flowers, hotels, tours, dates, teddy bears and everyone’s favourite… Chocolates. And oh, don’t forget the cards too. That we can blame to a very loving husband that was Charles, Duke of Orleans who sent a love letter to his wife in 1415. This was during the Battle of Agincourt which happened sometime around February. So, this letter was not intended for Valentines per se but was just a thing of consequence.


During this day or month, businessmen profit on a very unique selling point: express love through lavish showcases or you just don’t love enough. Second from Christmas, Valentines records the highest rate for exchanging cards. We don’t need to go on details but today, as February comes, that is the time we tend to be bombarded with movies and gifts and everything else.

So being single or being a couple more so, shouldn’t be of a big deal at this time of the month. Other than that you can express love everyday, the whole Valentines shebang resulted in years and years of good marketing and advertising techniques. And should you know, naturally, animals have mating season, humans don’t and it is originally a pagan festival. That is a festival in honour of a fake god that who-knows-does-what. Again, images pertaining to this are scary.

Yeah, it could have evolved already and is no longer that, but please for legit intimacy, stay off Facebook. Because if your Valentines Date is all prepped for online consumption, then the intentions should be questioned, right?

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