Post Graduate Scholarship (MEXT)


Do you want to study abroad but you have financial issues?
Well, that is something you no longer have to worry about.

Just last month, I was introduced by my friend to the MEXT Scholarship. What is MEXT? It is a scholarship given to any individuals by the Japanese Embassy. And the good thing is, here in the Philippines, the MEXT Scholarship has been available.

Yes, for a couple of decades now, The Japanese Embassy here in the Philippines, together with some local government agencies, has been granting scholarships to people who would wish to pursue graduate studies in Japan. My friend who is also a MEXT Scholar and has been in Japan for some time shares how he was able to pass the screening in his website.

What’s for sure is that the MEXT Scholarship grant covers your monthly expenses, tuition fee and allowances. The Embassy will also pay for your plane tickets. All you have to do is to pass the screenings here which is comprised of document submissions, interviews and exams and then apply to the University of your choice in Japan. It grants scholarships under five programs (which I cannot discuss here) and one of which is Research.

In Japan it is recommended by Universities to become a Research Student first before you can pursue either Masters or Doctoral. This program is called a non-degree program. If you wish to know more you may visit your own Japanese Embassy website. The application forms are readily available for download but the application forms for Research will only be available about March.

In an overview, here is what you need to prepare in order to be granted the MEXT Scholarship (Research):

1. Diploma, Recommendation Letters (2-3), TOR and any other abstracts that will give you advantage, say a copy of your thesis
2. Completed application forms downloaded from the Japanese Embassy Website
3. An acceptance letter from a Research Supervisor
4. Acceptance letter from the University of your choice

What is a Research Supervisor?

This is someone from the University who is willing to be your advisor while you’re on campus. You need to visit a University website where a list of Research Faculties is available. Communicate with them regarding your intent to be under their supervision.

Acceptance Letter?

You need to communicate with the Admissions Office of the University of your choice. Based on my experience, they are very accommodating. They will even send you a list of what you need to do.

If you want to search for a University, you may want to visit this website.

What I also noticed is this: some course you prefer to take may not be offered in one University only. Say, there are some Universities that are more into Sciences or Engineering therefore, may not offer graduate courses on Mass Media. But if you wish to pursue Post Graduate Degrees on International Communication, Media or Journalism Studies, you may want to consider these:

Hokkaido University
Waseda University
Sophia University

These are the three Universities I found that offer courses on Mass Media/Mass Communication and so far, Hokkaido was the first to respond.


If you wish to know more about the MEXT scholarship, you may contact me or my friend and we’ll see what we can do in order to assist you.

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