Someday I Will Have To Go Too

“Alan Rickman dies of cancer at 69”

Death is Inevitable

One of the saddest things about growing up is seeing the people you thought you’ve known all your life become lifeless one after the other. It’s like you leave for a couple of moments and you come back and someone is missing, or someone has married, became a parent, got divorced, got a job. Or the park that used to be filled with children becomes empty or becomes filled with new faces.

Then it dawns on you that maybe we are all meant to be alone in the future. Until it’s your own time to be gone. You sit in one corner, you drink coffee instead of juice, you eat a piece of bread instead of candies and you think ‘I just grew up, what the heck happened?’ You look around and the familiar faces became too few until you are absolutely nonexistent in the lives of whoever occupied the empty houses around you. Your playmates are not there, your friends are not around… Your neighbours, they have all gone.

You hold onto your cane and say to yourself, ‘Yeah. I would want to go too.’
You just grew up, what the heck happened? Where did they all go?

I remember when I was little I wanted so much to become an adult… if anyone told me it could be this empty, I would have savoured my childhood more.

To the kids who felt older than their age, to the kid in me who wanted to grow up, what were you thinking?

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