Why Millions Watched Adelle’s Hello in a Day

Hello from the other side
I must have called a thousand time
But when I call you never seem to be home

This morning is the first time I have heard this song, and the only reason I did is because I was curious why Adelle and her male version, Sam Smith seem to churn out thousands of emotions in a song that they create instant new fandom with every heart break tune they release.

I am not a fan and I can say that Adelle’s Hello is something I can listen to all day and it is the kind of music you would
like to hear when you sip your coffee on a rainy day or when you are terribly missing someone. The lyrics are simp!e, the melody is easy to remember and Adelle’s vocals worked on it without too much gymnastics. Hearing a lot about it, I can say however, that I wasn’t too much moved by the song not because it is not good enough for my taste, it is believe me, but because maybe it was not written for people like me.

Basically, Adelle’s Hello is about a girl who just wants to speak to her former love but she is bugged that the person is no longer affected by their situation. A heart break song that goes out to every girl whose current life is haunted by unrequited love. And what Adelle’s Hello reminds us is that the person who loved more and is still in love is the one who carries guilt for as long. That is the very reason you would kill the replay button for this track: you feel like every word in Adelle’s Hello is written by Adelle for you, that Hello is your heart break song because we are certainly attracted towards a material that radiates the same energy we emit t the moment.

Now, this tells us about the profile of most of the song’s listeners and Youtube likers: they all share a piece of a pained heart and Adelle’s Hello is a perfect combination of all the feelings they have no words for.

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