How to Choose a Mentor

Trying something new is scary and risky at the same time. In order for some people to be sure they are getting the best advice possible they try and look for potential mentors.  This is the case with young entrepreneurs. So here are five tips on how to choose a business mentor:

1. Choose someone who HAS BEEN doing the business WITH RESULTS

This is someone who knows the process and knows what to do. When we talk about business we have to be serious with strategies: how to get the clients, how to retain them and how to sell your products and how to meet quota.

A person who does the business with results, that means his business is growing and sustained, will be a good lead to follow. He has fixed actions and is driven by persistence. He knows exactly how to address rejections and how to build networks.

2. Choose someone who values networks

A good business is about making connection. You need people who can recommend you to others and who can introduce you to different opportunities to promote what you do. You should choose a business mentor who knows the importance of networking because he is a good businessman.

3. Choose a business mentor who is good in talking

No we are not referring on!y to people who have background in public speech and the like. We mean people who are not afraid to talk with others. They have confidence and they know how to fit in different settings. Flexibility is a trait people find really appealing so choosing a business mentor who looks at talking to people part of the job can help you build your own confidence more.

4. Choose someone who empties his cup ALWAYS

A good business mentor is someone who will tell you that learning is a continuous process. Sometimes it means relearning what you mastered a few days ago. Emptying one’s cup means being enthusiastic even if you have heard the lesson a couple of times already. Repetition is key to refueling your passion. Choose a business mentor who is never conceited and knows how to keep himself busy relearning the techniques.

5. Choose someone who is NEVER SELFISH

The thing about others is when they become successful, they want to keep the formula a SECRET! But real successful people are not insecure. They will choose to replicate. The are willing to choose an apprentice and recreate leaders. Be sure that when you choose a business mentor, he is someone who gets excited with teaching you what he learned, happy to hear your thoughts and most especially, willing to scaffold you in whatever you do.

In choosing a business mentor, it is good if that is a person you can interact with. However, there are cases where technology could be of fair use. Choose someone who works in your industry, someone who uploads video tutorials or writes a book. Attend seminars related to the work you are doing and finally APPLY WHAT YOU ARE TAUGHT.

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