10 Tips To Be Your Own Boss (Why Attitude Maters in Spotting Opportunities)

People accept and reject opportunities for two reasons: fear or misunderstanding. Consider that when presented with opportunities, being open minded and asking questions to find fault are two different things.

Sometimes, we tend to listen not to understand but just mainly to argue. We do this because we hate getting out of the comfort zone. I read somewhere that success is determined not by IQ but by attitude. Yes, IQ is a good advantage but if you have a fixed mindset then failure will always drag you down. You will always be afraid to try because you have fixated to the idea of rejection. But if you have a growth mindset, all you can see is the opportunity in every challenge and failure is just a stepping stone to learning much more.

So, if you plan to be your own boss and live life the way you want it, here are some tips:

1. Get out of your comfort zone

If you are used to walking up any time of the day and having a nap time during afternoons or tons of coffee breaks, change those habits now. They eat up a huge amount of your productivity! They rid you the chance of doing much more in a day.

Let’s do some math. If you sleep for two hours in the afternoon and wake up at 10 AM instead of 6 o’ clock, then you have like a thirty minute coffee time when you wake up, that is roughly 6 hours and 30 minutes! And you only have 24 hours a day – that includes sleep time dude. If you are still going to add 8 hours to your 6.30 hours that is like 13 hours 30 minutes out of 24 hours! That still does not include the time you use for eating, bathing, brushing your teeth and so on. How can you be your own boss if this would be the case everyday?

In short:

Sleep: 8
Nap: 2
Coffee time: 30 minutes
Total: 10 hours 30 minutes
Time left: 13 hours 30 minutes

Just imagine how much you could have accomplished if only you would be more dedicated. I am not saying that we should not take a break. We must but we should learn how to allocate time correctly, right?

2. Learn something new

Do not stay the same! Today, the more you are skilled, the more you can accomplish with less money. You can not be the master of all things but at least if you have decided to be the “boss” at something, then learn the basic skills needed so when you talk to people who are experts in your area, you would understand the concepts they present to you. Being your own boss means being hungry to learn more. Not to brag about it but to help yourself and other people in the future.

3. Take the risk

There is always the possibility of failure in everything but that should not stop you. People without dreams are the people who are afraid to try. What matters is that to lessen the potential damage of whatever risk you are taking is to study your plans and your steps.

Ask people how things work and always have a back-up plan. Make a list of the benefits and the pitfalls and create a back-up plan for each. You will never know how much you can achieve if you will not give a try. You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. Every business tycoon started as an amateur. Every boss was just a child with a dream.

The tip is, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Start small as you are still learning the business, then once you are more grounded at the principles of what you do, invest more. Be your own boss by working on yourself. Teach yourself how to grow. Read books. Better yet…

4. Look for a mentor

Decide what you want to do and then look for someone who is already good at it. There are tons of books out there that teaches you how to be your own boss, grab one… No… grab a couple then read, read, read!

You can choose from several authors or you can choose one. Go to Youtube, search for seminars from that person and attend. These be your own boss seminars cost a bit expensive but that is nothing compared to the things you would learn that day. Once you have chosen a mentor, try to copy what that person does. If there is one thing I have learned from my business partners, that is successful businessmen never fail to study. Then most importantly, they apply what they were taught.

When we talk about having a mentor, we don’t always mean having to talk to to them personally. Choose a person then study how s/he does work. Follow that person on Twitter or Facebook. They always have tips.

5. Apply what you learn

You can spend so much time listening to audio books and reading John Maxwell over and over but you only end up posting the quotes on your Facebook… that is motivating but until you work on them you will never be your own boss! It is like being hungry and you have all the ingredients in your Fridge but you never cook them. How will you  satisfy your hunger? Cook!

6. Set mini goals

OK, you don’t know how to start. Here is what you need to do: get a calendar (something you can write on), a pen, and a piece of paper and some tape. First off, write what you need to have in order to learn The Art of Becoming Your Own Boss. Make a list. I will give an example. Let us focus on improving two things: The Personality and the Be your Own Boss side.

Be your Own Boss Side:

Books on Leadership

The Personality Side

Self Esteem Books
New Clothes
New Shoes

Now, you have them listed. These are your goals. Do something to accomplish them. Set goals for the day. For example: Monday, I will be reading two chapters of (book title) then I will write on my mirror my favourite quote for the day. Then, I will learn how to (whatever goes on next).

You can set small daily goals and larger weekly to monthly to yearly goals. Why should you? This helps boost your belief in yourself. Accomplishing small goals helps you build trust in yourself.  Tip. Start with a yearly goal: I will be an expert in (insert that thing here) on (specific date). It is important the date is specific because if not, you will only put off your plans until whatever. Write on your calendar! Write on your notebook! Buy a new clothes or shoes, not the expensive ones yet but something you can wear when meeting the experts. Looking good makes you feel good.

7. Take time to look at new systems

The mai. Goal here is to be your own boss in the fastest time possible. OK. You might have read somewhere that slow is good. I say, if you can work a bit faster, the better!  I am not saying invest a large amount of time and money at once. NO! What I mean is learn all you can fast and apply them at once. Think of your deadline.

If you are focused enough, you can produce more in great quality. What are your mentors for? So if you get to be introduced to alternative ways of doing something try to look at them. You are a beginner you want to save on much money as possible but learns much as you’re could, right? Consider alternatives routes to your goals with caution.

Like, time banking. This is a system where people exchange products and services. It is like social work grounded on a time dollar concept. (Read more about TimeBanking here). Maybe you could give an hour of service in trade of an hour internship.

8. Invest on yourself

We are not talking about money here! We mean knowledge, time. Take care of your own self. How will you take care of your people if you can not love yourself. When you buy the books, the materials you are not just spending. You are investing. Whatever you invest on your self goes back to you.

9. Respond, do not react

When people start to notice you changing, they will surely make sure to comment on what you do. So!e will hate you, some will support you. And these supporters or commentators will be your friends and family.

They will stop you for two reasons: one, they are concerned, two you push them to get out of their comfort zones and they hate that! Do not be demotivated. Choose how you respond to negative thoughts around you. Focus on the other good things that could happen. One of my mentors and business partners told me that if ever I failed at something, it would be OK to be sad for a few minutes, then I would have to jump back to my goals. Because feeling sad would do nothing good to me but if I would just smile and move on to the next (good), then I can be more productive. (Wait for more discussion on this).

10.  Start Today!

Maybe tomorrow. No. Start today. By reading this be your own boss post, you have started already. How about learning more? Go on look at Robert Kiyosaki or John Maxwell (two of my favourites). Try Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Kiyosaki for some basic tips on money making. John Maxwell is more on the leadership side.

Remember, if you want to be successful, think about real success as helping yourself to be more to help more people. Success is not always about money but it is being able to see the opportunity in every difficulty presented to you and success and being your own boss means being the master of your emotions.

Be your own boss by learning to respond to how you feel rather than reacting on them. How? Will be writing about that in the coming days.

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