Time Banking

There are things we like that we can not afford and we can do nothing but to wait. But what if you had another legal way of getting things,? Not just the ones you like but even the ones you need, without spending actual money for it through an alternative banking system, would you be interested?

Time Banking. That is the concept you have to be familiar with, it falls under the barter category, in case you would want to “afford” anything you might want and might need in the future.

What is it?

First off, define your skills. What do you do? Second, what do you need? Time Banking is basically doing “something” and for each hour you earn “one time dollar” that is then stored in your Time Bank.

Now this time dollar can be used to “buy” other services from members of your Time Bank. The number of hours you work will be equivalent to the number of hours other people will “work for you.”


You need a good house painter. You can cook or housesit so what’s gonna happen is this: you will be offering your housesitting service to someone who can do house paint in return of that person painting your house for you.

You can play the guitar. Your neighbour’s son wants to learn guitar. You taught him for two hours and that earned you “two time dollars.” After couple of weeks, you needed someone to help you with your Calculus exam. You may want to ask your neighbour who is good at Calculus to teach you for certain number of hours equivalent to “two time dollars.”

This kind of “banking” range from the simple stuff to more expensive services like medical or legal.


The best thing about Time Banking is that you may “purchase” several products or services at once and not “pay” on the spot. In short, Time Banking is like friends doing favours for each other.  Saving your “time dollar” is like saving money that can be used later.

Time Banking allows you to afford things that are actually out of your budget. All you need is your skills, your time, and offered service. Aside from the “transaction” side, you also get to meet new people and in the process, you are able to be “a good neighbour”  too.

So there is no need to fuss anymore if you think you need more than what you can afford. To know more about Time Banking read about it here.

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