Why People Who Look Up to You Should Not be Look Down Upon

There really are times when we get to have favourite persons or favourite friends. Admit it or not, that exists. Sometimes, we always try and live up to what is expected of us but when these people we look up to never return what we expect: the same kind of affection among friends, we end up feeling guilty and sometimes loathsome.

A lot of people are longing for affection from others and getting unsolicited concern is something that can really be considered a huge gift! But some people don’t seem to care about how others treat them. They reject the good friendship being offered, taking those who care for granted.

The People Who like You a lot Are The Loyal Ones

Propel always complain about bad relationships they have or the not so good in every day they experience but when real good friends come their way they do not deal with them the way a good companion should be treated: they are never deemed to be so important.

The people being looked up to miss the whole point! Just because people like you too much does not give the right to treat them like doormats or cigarettes. I read somewhere that you use cigs when you are bored then step on them when you are done. That is not how companionship is supposed to work!

Know that your good friends are people who would do anything just so you stay friends no matter what. Even if it comes to a point where they say sorry even when they were never wrong. These are the people who find inspiration in you and like whatever you do and this is why they will always be at your back, cheering or supporting whatever it is you achieve.

These are the people who would think of all the reasons in the world just to talk to you. And when you do pay attention, you create a sense of acceptance for these people. Thus, you help boost their confidence and you help shoot up their sense of accomplishment by being part of all your endeavours. And what does this do to you? You are able to keep a wonderful company of nice of companions who are there for you and not your money or any good that can be suck out of you.

They See a Family in You

All they want is for you to treat them the way they treat you: with respect and appreciation. This kind of attention from them is not something you asked for but getting this kind of treatment is a such a blessing for not anyone is being loved even without doing anything.

And in today’s world where people no longer see a deep value in marriage, brothers and sisters filing lawsuits against each other for parcel of land, when money becomes more important than close relationships, having these people exist within your network assures you of more than what the material universe can offer: family ties.

And what is more accomplishing than being accepted for just being you without working too hard to make everything work.

Not Everyone has Real Friends

This is what happens to most relationships today. When we talk about relationships, we don’t,’t always mean between lovers. But what is common among all types of being together is one in that relationship is trying on too much to keep it work. Why? It is one sided or because we do not really know how to gratify the good deeds and the real people.

Or most stick with you because what they get: a good ride, free food and becoming popular. But when you get to see friends who are willing to cancel their plans just to hang out with you, remember you even on regular days who include you in their plans without asking for what you can give then you are one of the most fortunate individuals in the world!

These are the persons who will be there for you regardless of the number of days you get and these are the ones who would scaffold you through difficult task and all they want is for you to value that. No other dramas.

So if you are one of the fee who disregard these friends because you think they are too persistent or insistent in meeting you understand that they enjoy your presence. The least you can do is thank them. With all honesty.

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