Tips on Stuff Exchange with Friends

Do you have a lot of items you no longer have use for?  What better way to get something else while finding use for what you have is by exchanging items with your friends!

Exchanging stuff online or personal can really be fun and exciting especially if this becomes one way for you to bond with your girlfriends. Even if you known them well and you know how good their taste in clothing are, it is still better to follow some guidelines when it comes to bartering items.

1. Get it straight

Set rules. We can not deny that some of you may like similar items in exchange of what you have and this may cause confusion among swappers. Who gets what can actually spark a bit of anger in each of you especially if you feel like when it is your turn, all the good ones have been taken.

To make everything fair, make some rules. How do you know who gets to pick first and how many should be exchanged at a time. How do you swap? Do you consider value or the likeness of products? Is it shirt for a shirt or can it be shirts for pants, etc?

Agreeing on set rules will make exchange easier and more organised.


2. Test and try

This works best with gadgets and anything with a turn on button. Of course it is also beneficial with book exchange to make sure it has complete pages, clothes to make sure they fit or are still in good condition or even with services to make sure you are getting the service of a good lawn mower!

Even if it is a bit technically free you still want the best swap possible.

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3. Choose who to transact with

Check the reputation of the person. First you want to be sure that you are bartering legally with a good product and not stolen ones. If you feel like you won’t even be paying for the services of that person and if you have a gut feeling that the transaction won’t turn out great, then better quit.

OK, enough with the serious stuff. I know they are your friends but you also have to consider  what you and the person have to offer. Do you really have items that can be used in your fields? If not, then try choosing a different swapping partner.

However, when you already saw all the items being exchanged and you suddenly feel there is not a need anymore to barter because you feel like the items available are not of equal value with what is with you, or there really aren’t anything you would like, then it is OK to back out. Yes, you have the right to decline if you should. Remember, barter is about ending up in a win-win situation.

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