What is the Real World About?

What is the world about?

What is the real world about? We wake up to posts about love and friendship and years and years of exposure to these lead us to think that most people in the world find meaning when they love and are being loved.

Breaking free from the bond is tantamount to losing “everything” that is meaningful and ecstatic. We get bombarded by ideas that a girl must marry at 25 or 26 so she could bear her husband the most beautiful and most intelligent for her reproduction is at its finest, that a girl must know how to cook or else she ought to find a guy who never eats. We are fed by the idea that real couples always hold hands, that true love means roses and teddy bears and posting it on Instagram.

So most girls feel rejected and shamed for no one ever treats them that way or the love they know of does not work that way.

Men feel insecure due to other men’s idea of success: travel, expensive cars and high-end basketball shoes. Or a good man is a man whose girl is of a celebrity image: beautiful, hot and sexy. So guys feel inferior because they do not have a Porsche and they do not have Jordans or their girl is someone pretty conservative and does not look like the girl in the magazines.

What is the real world about?

New graduates envied by people who were able to land good jobs fast and by those who earn thrice what they earn. Is this what we should all be yearning for?

If we continue to do so, we will produce generations and generations of insecure, non confident individuals who would know nothing but to flaunt the littlest things they achieve.

What is the real world about?

We have yet to see more individuals who acknowledge that whatever this world has for them is the doings of God and not of himself.

What is the real world about?

It is about not giving a thing to people who ridicule you for who you are but being happy with what you have and trying to better yourself and no one else.

We all want to be heroes but it is always OK that even if we don’t ‘get to save the whole world from hypocrisy and greed, we get to save one person: ourselves.

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