10 Tips To Be Your Own Boss (Why Attitude Maters in Spotting Opportunities)

People accept and reject opportunities for two reasons: fear or misunderstanding. Consider that when presented with opportunities, being open minded and asking questions to find fault are two different things.

Sometimes, we tend to listen not to understand but just mainly to argue. We do this because we hate getting out of the comfort zone. I read somewhere that success is determined not by IQ but by attitude. Yes, IQ is a good advantage but if you have a fixed mindset then failure will always drag you down. You will always be afraid to try because you have fixated to the idea of rejection. But if you have a growth mindset, all you can see is the opportunity in every challenge and failure is just a stepping stone to learning much more.

So, if you plan to be your own boss and live life the way you want it, here are some tips:

1. Get out of your comfort zone

If you are used to walking up any time of the day and having a nap time during afternoons or tons of coffee breaks, change those habits now. They eat up a huge amount of your productivity! They rid you the chance of doing much more in a day.

Let’s do some math. If you sleep for two hours in the afternoon and wake up at 10 AM instead of 6 o’ clock, then you have like a thirty minute coffee time when you wake up, that is roughly 6 hours and 30 minutes! And you only have 24 hours a day – that includes sleep time dude. If you are still going to add 8 hours to your 6.30 hours that is like 13 hours 30 minutes out of 24 hours! That still does not include the time you use for eating, bathing, brushing your teeth and so on. How can you be your own boss if this would be the case everyday?

In short:

Sleep: 8
Nap: 2
Coffee time: 30 minutes
Total: 10 hours 30 minutes
Time left: 13 hours 30 minutes

Just imagine how much you could have accomplished if only you would be more dedicated. I am not saying that we should not take a break. We must but we should learn how to allocate time correctly, right?

2. Learn something new

Do not stay the same! Today, the more you are skilled, the more you can accomplish with less money. You can not be the master of all things but at least if you have decided to be the “boss” at something, then learn the basic skills needed so when you talk to people who are experts in your area, you would understand the concepts they present to you. Being your own boss means being hungry to learn more. Not to brag about it but to help yourself and other people in the future.

3. Take the risk

There is always the possibility of failure in everything but that should not stop you. People without dreams are the people who are afraid to try. What matters is that to lessen the potential damage of whatever risk you are taking is to study your plans and your steps.

Ask people how things work and always have a back-up plan. Make a list of the benefits and the pitfalls and create a back-up plan for each. You will never know how much you can achieve if you will not give a try. You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. Every business tycoon started as an amateur. Every boss was just a child with a dream.

The tip is, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Start small as you are still learning the business, then once you are more grounded at the principles of what you do, invest more. Be your own boss by working on yourself. Teach yourself how to grow. Read books. Better yet…

4. Look for a mentor

Decide what you want to do and then look for someone who is already good at it. There are tons of books out there that teaches you how to be your own boss, grab one… No… grab a couple then read, read, read!

You can choose from several authors or you can choose one. Go to Youtube, search for seminars from that person and attend. These be your own boss seminars cost a bit expensive but that is nothing compared to the things you would learn that day. Once you have chosen a mentor, try to copy what that person does. If there is one thing I have learned from my business partners, that is successful businessmen never fail to study. Then most importantly, they apply what they were taught.

When we talk about having a mentor, we don’t always mean having to talk to to them personally. Choose a person then study how s/he does work. Follow that person on Twitter or Facebook. They always have tips.

5. Apply what you learn

You can spend so much time listening to audio books and reading John Maxwell over and over but you only end up posting the quotes on your Facebook… that is motivating but until you work on them you will never be your own boss! It is like being hungry and you have all the ingredients in your Fridge but you never cook them. How will you  satisfy your hunger? Cook!

6. Set mini goals

OK, you don’t know how to start. Here is what you need to do: get a calendar (something you can write on), a pen, and a piece of paper and some tape. First off, write what you need to have in order to learn The Art of Becoming Your Own Boss. Make a list. I will give an example. Let us focus on improving two things: The Personality and the Be your Own Boss side.

Be your Own Boss Side:

Books on Leadership

The Personality Side

Self Esteem Books
New Clothes
New Shoes

Now, you have them listed. These are your goals. Do something to accomplish them. Set goals for the day. For example: Monday, I will be reading two chapters of (book title) then I will write on my mirror my favourite quote for the day. Then, I will learn how to (whatever goes on next).

You can set small daily goals and larger weekly to monthly to yearly goals. Why should you? This helps boost your belief in yourself. Accomplishing small goals helps you build trust in yourself.  Tip. Start with a yearly goal: I will be an expert in (insert that thing here) on (specific date). It is important the date is specific because if not, you will only put off your plans until whatever. Write on your calendar! Write on your notebook! Buy a new clothes or shoes, not the expensive ones yet but something you can wear when meeting the experts. Looking good makes you feel good.

7. Take time to look at new systems

The mai. Goal here is to be your own boss in the fastest time possible. OK. You might have read somewhere that slow is good. I say, if you can work a bit faster, the better!  I am not saying invest a large amount of time and money at once. NO! What I mean is learn all you can fast and apply them at once. Think of your deadline.

If you are focused enough, you can produce more in great quality. What are your mentors for? So if you get to be introduced to alternative ways of doing something try to look at them. You are a beginner you want to save on much money as possible but learns much as you’re could, right? Consider alternatives routes to your goals with caution.

Like, time banking. This is a system where people exchange products and services. It is like social work grounded on a time dollar concept. (Read more about TimeBanking here). Maybe you could give an hour of service in trade of an hour internship.

8. Invest on yourself

We are not talking about money here! We mean knowledge, time. Take care of your own self. How will you take care of your people if you can not love yourself. When you buy the books, the materials you are not just spending. You are investing. Whatever you invest on your self goes back to you.

9. Respond, do not react

When people start to notice you changing, they will surely make sure to comment on what you do. So!e will hate you, some will support you. And these supporters or commentators will be your friends and family.

They will stop you for two reasons: one, they are concerned, two you push them to get out of their comfort zones and they hate that! Do not be demotivated. Choose how you respond to negative thoughts around you. Focus on the other good things that could happen. One of my mentors and business partners told me that if ever I failed at something, it would be OK to be sad for a few minutes, then I would have to jump back to my goals. Because feeling sad would do nothing good to me but if I would just smile and move on to the next (good), then I can be more productive. (Wait for more discussion on this).

10.  Start Today!

Maybe tomorrow. No. Start today. By reading this be your own boss post, you have started already. How about learning more? Go on look at Robert Kiyosaki or John Maxwell (two of my favourites). Try Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Kiyosaki for some basic tips on money making. John Maxwell is more on the leadership side.

Remember, if you want to be successful, think about real success as helping yourself to be more to help more people. Success is not always about money but it is being able to see the opportunity in every difficulty presented to you and success and being your own boss means being the master of your emotions.

Be your own boss by learning to respond to how you feel rather than reacting on them. How? Will be writing about that in the coming days.


3 Reasons Barter Will Work in the Philippines

The Philippines has been having transactions even before the time Spaniards came over to dominate. Filipinos have been transacting with each other and other races too. Datus or the leaders among villages, or as we call it ,baranggays, manage negotiations with other Datus and Maharlikas through exchange of goods. There even was a time when slaves exchange was a form of barter in the Philippines, particularly in answer to exchange of services.

Don’t be mistaken, slavery has long been abolished in the country. Then, Chinese came and they also transacted. However, barter in the Philippines met difficulties such as not being able to see groups in need of what the other can offer, thus, made barter a search for a good exchange partner. That is the reason other modes of payments were invented and so the barter system in the Philippines evolved and has became buying.

Now, Barter system is a boom inothercountries but itisnot muchof a big thing yet in the Philippines, orifitwere, not so muchknows about it. So ifever Barter in the Philippines would become popular, here are the three reasons barter in the Philippines would definitelybe a success:

1. Less money is ideal

The Filipinos like buying items that are less expensive. That is the reason we lots of thrift shops in the country from clothing to shoes to books, we have them. And people patronise it. Why? Because the Filipinos look for value in money.  

Or because the Philippine pays low labour, people look for ways to save more while getting what they need. So of they can get more item with less money that is good! What more of they do not need money anymore? Better!

2. We have a lot of old items in store

Filipinos have this behaviour of keeping things in store even when they don’t need it. Emotional attachment. That is why. No matter what other say, the implicit reason is because we spent money on them! So hand-me-downs are a thing in the country. Remember, we want to maximise the value of our money so if someone would introduce a system of product exchange to give away what is old to get something new and needed, then there is a big chance Filipinos will buy the idea.

3.  We love making connection

One of the best benefits barter in the Philippines can offer is that when it comes to services, Filipinos can deliver the best! The Philippines is one of the countries that lead in the number of proficient English speakers and the Philippines’ literacy rate is at par with international standards too. We wouldn’t be called one of the BPO capitals in the world for nothing. If some worry about transacting with literate individuals, well College Degrees are not much of a problem here. 

Since we are also hospitable, we love opportunities to grow our networks in a faster and cheaper way. Because we also like being practical. Barter in the Philippines can offer new platform to meet other businesses and individuals with the right expertise. Besides, exchange of service is a way for businesses to market themselves without spending too much and getting what they need in return.

Barter in the Philippines in a corporate set up is not much of a thing yet, so reintroducing it can promise a lot of changes. First, in can incur “discounts in tax” and second it can also help grow a pool of professionals  working within a specific niche or experts in different fields that are connected by a common institution.

Time Banking

There are things we like that we can not afford and we can do nothing but to wait. But what if you had another legal way of getting things,? Not just the ones you like but even the ones you need, without spending actual money for it through an alternative banking system, would you be interested?

Time Banking. That is the concept you have to be familiar with, it falls under the barter category, in case you would want to “afford” anything you might want and might need in the future.

What is it?

First off, define your skills. What do you do? Second, what do you need? Time Banking is basically doing “something” and for each hour you earn “one time dollar” that is then stored in your Time Bank.

Now this time dollar can be used to “buy” other services from members of your Time Bank. The number of hours you work will be equivalent to the number of hours other people will “work for you.”


You need a good house painter. You can cook or housesit so what’s gonna happen is this: you will be offering your housesitting service to someone who can do house paint in return of that person painting your house for you.

You can play the guitar. Your neighbour’s son wants to learn guitar. You taught him for two hours and that earned you “two time dollars.” After couple of weeks, you needed someone to help you with your Calculus exam. You may want to ask your neighbour who is good at Calculus to teach you for certain number of hours equivalent to “two time dollars.”

This kind of “banking” range from the simple stuff to more expensive services like medical or legal.


The best thing about Time Banking is that you may “purchase” several products or services at once and not “pay” on the spot. In short, Time Banking is like friends doing favours for each other.  Saving your “time dollar” is like saving money that can be used later.

Time Banking allows you to afford things that are actually out of your budget. All you need is your skills, your time, and offered service. Aside from the “transaction” side, you also get to meet new people and in the process, you are able to be “a good neighbour”  too.

So there is no need to fuss anymore if you think you need more than what you can afford. To know more about Time Banking read about it here.

Why People Who Look Up to You Should Not be Look Down Upon

There really are times when we get to have favourite persons or favourite friends. Admit it or not, that exists. Sometimes, we always try and live up to what is expected of us but when these people we look up to never return what we expect: the same kind of affection among friends, we end up feeling guilty and sometimes loathsome.

A lot of people are longing for affection from others and getting unsolicited concern is something that can really be considered a huge gift! But some people don’t seem to care about how others treat them. They reject the good friendship being offered, taking those who care for granted.

The People Who like You a lot Are The Loyal Ones

Propel always complain about bad relationships they have or the not so good in every day they experience but when real good friends come their way they do not deal with them the way a good companion should be treated: they are never deemed to be so important.

The people being looked up to miss the whole point! Just because people like you too much does not give the right to treat them like doormats or cigarettes. I read somewhere that you use cigs when you are bored then step on them when you are done. That is not how companionship is supposed to work!

Know that your good friends are people who would do anything just so you stay friends no matter what. Even if it comes to a point where they say sorry even when they were never wrong. These are the people who find inspiration in you and like whatever you do and this is why they will always be at your back, cheering or supporting whatever it is you achieve.

These are the people who would think of all the reasons in the world just to talk to you. And when you do pay attention, you create a sense of acceptance for these people. Thus, you help boost their confidence and you help shoot up their sense of accomplishment by being part of all your endeavours. And what does this do to you? You are able to keep a wonderful company of nice of companions who are there for you and not your money or any good that can be suck out of you.

They See a Family in You

All they want is for you to treat them the way they treat you: with respect and appreciation. This kind of attention from them is not something you asked for but getting this kind of treatment is a such a blessing for not anyone is being loved even without doing anything.

And in today’s world where people no longer see a deep value in marriage, brothers and sisters filing lawsuits against each other for parcel of land, when money becomes more important than close relationships, having these people exist within your network assures you of more than what the material universe can offer: family ties.

And what is more accomplishing than being accepted for just being you without working too hard to make everything work.

Not Everyone has Real Friends

This is what happens to most relationships today. When we talk about relationships, we don’t,’t always mean between lovers. But what is common among all types of being together is one in that relationship is trying on too much to keep it work. Why? It is one sided or because we do not really know how to gratify the good deeds and the real people.

Or most stick with you because what they get: a good ride, free food and becoming popular. But when you get to see friends who are willing to cancel their plans just to hang out with you, remember you even on regular days who include you in their plans without asking for what you can give then you are one of the most fortunate individuals in the world!

These are the persons who will be there for you regardless of the number of days you get and these are the ones who would scaffold you through difficult task and all they want is for you to value that. No other dramas.

So if you are one of the fee who disregard these friends because you think they are too persistent or insistent in meeting you understand that they enjoy your presence. The least you can do is thank them. With all honesty.

Tips on Stuff Exchange with Friends

Do you have a lot of items you no longer have use for?  What better way to get something else while finding use for what you have is by exchanging items with your friends!

Exchanging stuff online or personal can really be fun and exciting especially if this becomes one way for you to bond with your girlfriends. Even if you known them well and you know how good their taste in clothing are, it is still better to follow some guidelines when it comes to bartering items.

1. Get it straight

Set rules. We can not deny that some of you may like similar items in exchange of what you have and this may cause confusion among swappers. Who gets what can actually spark a bit of anger in each of you especially if you feel like when it is your turn, all the good ones have been taken.

To make everything fair, make some rules. How do you know who gets to pick first and how many should be exchanged at a time. How do you swap? Do you consider value or the likeness of products? Is it shirt for a shirt or can it be shirts for pants, etc?

Agreeing on set rules will make exchange easier and more organised.


2. Test and try

This works best with gadgets and anything with a turn on button. Of course it is also beneficial with book exchange to make sure it has complete pages, clothes to make sure they fit or are still in good condition or even with services to make sure you are getting the service of a good lawn mower!

Even if it is a bit technically free you still want the best swap possible.

(Read: The Benefits of Bartering)

3. Choose who to transact with

Check the reputation of the person. First you want to be sure that you are bartering legally with a good product and not stolen ones. If you feel like you won’t even be paying for the services of that person and if you have a gut feeling that the transaction won’t turn out great, then better quit.

OK, enough with the serious stuff. I know they are your friends but you also have to consider  what you and the person have to offer. Do you really have items that can be used in your fields? If not, then try choosing a different swapping partner.

However, when you already saw all the items being exchanged and you suddenly feel there is not a need anymore to barter because you feel like the items available are not of equal value with what is with you, or there really aren’t anything you would like, then it is OK to back out. Yes, you have the right to decline if you should. Remember, barter is about ending up in a win-win situation.

(Most Common Bartered Items)

What is the Real World About?

What is the world about?

What is the real world about? We wake up to posts about love and friendship and years and years of exposure to these lead us to think that most people in the world find meaning when they love and are being loved.

Breaking free from the bond is tantamount to losing “everything” that is meaningful and ecstatic. We get bombarded by ideas that a girl must marry at 25 or 26 so she could bear her husband the most beautiful and most intelligent for her reproduction is at its finest, that a girl must know how to cook or else she ought to find a guy who never eats. We are fed by the idea that real couples always hold hands, that true love means roses and teddy bears and posting it on Instagram.

So most girls feel rejected and shamed for no one ever treats them that way or the love they know of does not work that way.

Men feel insecure due to other men’s idea of success: travel, expensive cars and high-end basketball shoes. Or a good man is a man whose girl is of a celebrity image: beautiful, hot and sexy. So guys feel inferior because they do not have a Porsche and they do not have Jordans or their girl is someone pretty conservative and does not look like the girl in the magazines.

What is the real world about?

New graduates envied by people who were able to land good jobs fast and by those who earn thrice what they earn. Is this what we should all be yearning for?

If we continue to do so, we will produce generations and generations of insecure, non confident individuals who would know nothing but to flaunt the littlest things they achieve.

What is the real world about?

We have yet to see more individuals who acknowledge that whatever this world has for them is the doings of God and not of himself.

What is the real world about?

It is about not giving a thing to people who ridicule you for who you are but being happy with what you have and trying to better yourself and no one else.

We all want to be heroes but it is always OK that even if we don’t ‘get to save the whole world from hypocrisy and greed, we get to save one person: ourselves.