Love: 30 Years After Time

Love is all rainbows and stars to most girls and they equate it to flowers, date nights or dancing at parties with that great guy with gorgeous hair. Yes, it’s always the gorgeous hair and that holding hands under the light post.

But you would come to a certain age when you will be able to appreciate it truly and deeply as what it really is: a deep connection between you and another person that ripples all the positive thoughts in the world: happiness.

But sometimes great love is not romantic love. Sometimes it is just being there and remembering all that was special. You don’t always end up with the love of your life but it’s okay. Or if you did, you are lucky.

There are moments when a relationship must end not because it is a mistake but because you just had to fulfill a role in a particular person’s specific chapter in life. We don’t know the real reasons why we meet people we love so much who we just end up forgetting but it happens and when it does, we laugh, we love, we cry, then we move forward.

But how would you feel when you let go and then met that person three decades after? It can be surreal and I have seen one video that made me shed tears and realised that truly, some people are so special they struck a spark in you and you never forget them.

In this video, the female artist held a meet up with fans wherein she just sat there and stared at them for a minute. All was smooth and similar: calm, quiet faces until a man she loved 30 years ago who she haven’t seen since their breakup sat and met her eyes.

What happened was so beautiful it formed a lump in my chest. And as the song faded out, I wished that someday that one great love would come back and would just



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