I am 25 today and why I am spending it alone

If you are reading this post it means that I am perfectly spending this day alone somewhere and that today I have outlived most people in the planet and today is the oldest I can get so far.

I planned to have an astounding party and gather everyone who impacted my life in the most positive way in the last 25 years and then this hit me: I am NOT a Jenner or a Hilton and social parties do not define who I am and who the people are around me.

I am a typical person with nothing too significant to actually attract a crowd to my hosted parties. But I am now over the moments when my significance was dependent on the followers I get because right now, the more we get to be online,  the more we become disconnected.

I could have thrown a huge party but I didn’t because I wanted to know who would want to be with me without the benefit of an extravagant party, expensive raffle prizes, a nice place, good vibe, cool party music and amazing photos.


But I love you God for breathing life to my body. No amount of oxygen tanks can replace the workings of my lungs.

Thank you to everyone who greeted me today; I love you to everyone who never forgets since The-Year-Before-Facebook.

To that person who I consider the great love of my life, I am blessed, you are all that is wonderful in my world: thank you for becoming the bestest best friend I ever had.

My family: the greatest people in the world, no words could be enough for you. The few friends I have: you made all the disappointments bearable and the parties crazier than they should have been.

To everyone who hates me in secret, don’t worry there are still more to despise since you can watch me become better than today. I love how you say “no” because you make me “go for it.”

I am 25 today and I wish to meet the first few people who ever saw me: the medical team who assisted my mom on 26th August 1990 at 7:30 PM. Thank you for not pulling on my head and chopping it off in the process (figuratively speaking).

I have grown now, doc. That is what I would say.

This world is so big I cannot fully fathom what I should and couldn’t go where I would. But there are worlds that are a lot smaller than others that exist that when you look at them, they may be incomplete in someone else’s lenses but in yours… they’re just so… perfect.

I am elated today as it is “my day” but tomorrow I am nobody again.

So for one day each year before this all ends, I get to conquer “the world.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

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