Top Trading Sites

I have written a couple of articles already pertaining to trading or barter. Why is this so? Because just recently I have found a real great deal of benefits when it comes to trading stuff online. It is not only convenient but is really cheap!

(For Advantage of Bartering for your business, click here.)

But of course there are also considerations when you do choose to barter like how it is done, how to negotiate fairly and how it is taxed but another thing to consider is to know which site is most convenient when it comes to exchanging goods.


So I have listed some sites ranging from those that are niche specific to those that offers just about everything!

1. If you would like to exchange books:


2. For video and computer games exchanges log in to:

Goozex or GameTradingZone

3. For Cd, and DVD swapping there are :

SwapACD or SwapADVD

4. For Clothing, toys and fashion for babies to children to adults visit:

SwapStyle or Zwaggle

5. But if you would like to visit sites that offer a wide range of stuff to trade, that is services to products to jobs to anything, visit these sites:


See, bartering or trading has become easier today. If you wonder if this industry is legal, of course it is! Just be sure that when you negotiate you end up with a win-win deal. And if you’re from the US, IRS also wants you to take note of some guidelines regarding tax on barter.

Oops, don’t fret yet. Read about it first here:
(Barter: Am I Tax Liable?).

Enjoy trading!

(Tips to Negotiation, read here.)

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