Coffee Does this to my Body, Really?

I love coffee. I consume at least two cups in a day. I do so in the morning and afternoon or sometimes at night when I feel stressed or too tired. And no, I still get to sleep early. Odd, huh? I don’t know but maybe I already got immune.

How much I consume

I first started drinking coffee when I was about 14. I loved how drinking something hot in the morning made me feel and I loved the aroma and the flavour. I couldn’t stop drinking coffee since. When I was in college, I would drink when I read a book, when I study and I drink at least two cups. The evening and morning coffee is not part of that.

And oh, the casual Starbucks does not count as well. In fact 10 packs of coffee gets consumed in two to three days! That has been going for 11 years now and I can say, I am getting tired of drinking coffee. I mean, I no longer appreciate the taste or aroma because I got so used to it.

Reasons for Addiction

It all started with a cup of coffee that tasted so good I had to taste it every morning. I also heard back then that coffee is good for health and has anti oxidants. Anti aging, maybe and studies say that coffee makes you awake and alert. I needed that!  I recently discovered that coffee does something good to my liver!

Since the liver takes away toxins from the body, it is susceptible to viruses that it filters. And I found out that coffee prevents liver scarring. It reduces risk of developing chronic liver disease. In fact when people who are at risk of developing chronic liver disease increase their consumption of coffee, they tend to benefit a lot from it. These are people who are obese, heavy drinkers of alcohol, people with too much iron and people with hepatitis B or C.

Watch Out

However, coffee can have real bad effects when combined with the pain killer acetaminophen. It would cause too much scarring to the liver as stated in a study by Chemical Research in Toxicology in 2007.

Too much consumption is also associated to symptoms of anxiety and psychosis. People who consume more than 5cups of coffee a day and who are stressed thought they hear songs when they were in fact listening to a plain white noise during the study of Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

Coffee also acts as a shocker to our body and it is the reasons people experience high pulse rates  according to the Medical Journal of Australia.

Given all these, I say that I should start to learn to drink less coffee since 1000 mg consumed is enough to stimulate panic attacks or anxiety.

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