Are All Minions Dudes?

Yellow. Cylinder shaped. Glasses. Overalls with G at the centre. Who says Beeedooo-beeedooo-beeedooo and gets excited over Bananas. Minions! These guys are probably the best fictional characters created in the century! They are cute, funny and crazy!

We couldn’t tell them apart but what we know is there are millions of them but Mr. Gru remembers them all by name. We see them run after the ice cream truck, surf the beach and dress up.


And we hear their names. There’s Kevin and Dave and Stuart and Bob and hey… Are these all guys’ names? Yes. They are. We see them wear dresses and wigs… So inspite the cuteness overload, have we actually noticed that in all the movies, there have been no girl minions?

The Truth is… they are all guys. The real life creator of the characters, Pierre Coffin, admitted to this. They are all dudes.


When asked for the reason he replied, and get ready gals, “Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls.”

Oh, cheers to that! Nice point, however, where do these guys come from?

Some say they are made from corn kernels injected with human DNA but who knows? Until the statement is official, that means from Coffin, we can never really tell. But can you imagine these minions actually having moms? Grannies or hot sisters?



We surely would like to see how smart, sophisticated and confident female minions can alter the usual banana-eating, fun-shaming, innocent life of these guys.

A prequel to a prequel please?

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