Three Things Google Suggestions Taught Me About Filipinos

When I first thought of this post, I was originally thinking of giving myself a good time by looking for the funniest searches made by my fellowmen in But no matter how much I searched, what phrase I typed, I have found no odd or funny search suggestions. However, Google taught me three things about Filipinos.

1. “All Filipinos can sing

Or fond of singing, rather. I have typed a couple of phrases and all (or mostly) suggestions led to a song title or lyrics.



2. We (usually) equate how much to price tag or amount

How much can mean quantity or how many, right? But try typing that in and the first suggestions will always refer to the price of the latest (or most searched) Apple product, or any product, or anything, really.




Oh! I found something that referred to quantity but the last two suggestions, though:


3. We like watching TV

Most of us are avid fans of foreign movies, TV series and most especially, Japanese cartoons! (It’s called anime. All right!)



As my search turned out, even though Pinoys always have something to laugh about amidst extreme calamities, traffic, hot weather or slow internet connection, just can’t give enough solid proof to our goofy thoughts.

Anyway, what are best friends for, right?

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