Japan Approves Robo Workforce

Japan finally finds solution to their decades long problem of low workforce by replacing real humans with robots, reports The Japan Times.

Glory Ltd  pioneered the move by allowing humanoids to work in their assembly line. These robots have sensor vision and two arms that enable them to change dispensers.

One of the main issues in Japan is its ageing workforce that entailed two decades of Stagnation and deflation. Although the unemployment rate is at 3.3% which is considered full employment by the Bank of Japan, unfilled job positions have been high for two decades.

Akihiko Ebisawa, Ajinomoto’s Food Division Manager states that their lack of enough workforce is mainly accounted to the difficulty of finding people who can work night shift and who can do heavy labor.

In a recent survey by BOJ, most factories are up to increasing capital expenditures to further increase their productivity. In fact, Fanuc Corp will be spending 130 Billion Yen to build new plants for the building of computer control system equipment and Sony Corp will be investing 210 Billion Yen this fiscal year to enhance the production capacity for imaging sensors.

Director of a Trade Ministry division in charge of state-of-the-art technology, Kyuuichiro Sano, sees this opportunity to totally end scarcity of labor. The newsnigeria.com quotes him saying, “Shortage of labor is a structural problem Japan faces in the long run, given the ageing society…they could be the answer,”  he said.

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