Top 3 Tips to Choosing College Degree

Whatever course you choose in college, that will be you forever.

That’s the words my friend’s dad told him when we were 16. In my country, you finish High School at that age and as much as it is difficult for 18-year-olds to choose a degree what more for people who are two years younger? That is the situation for most people. But there are ways to get through this dilemma.

However, we should try to look at these suggestions in a forward looking perspective. Why? What you do now has a direct correlation to your happiness for the rest of your life! Sound like a jinx? Yeah it might be. (Just kidding!) Anyway, here are the top 3 tips in choosing a college course:

1. Identify your interest

 Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in your life! That is why.  Usually, working in an office requires you eight hours. Working your way through a semester requires the whole day for six months. Imagine doing something that bores you, you would barely make it through two hours! Trust me. But you know the feeling when you’re blogging about Taylor Swift or designing HTML codes or watching basketball; you enjoy these things and you wish for an extra hour in a day! That’s the feeling you want: having fun with your achievements as much as having fun while working on them.

2. Assess if you can afford it

 Where do you wanna attend college? What are the supplies you would be needing? Books, tools, projects etc. I know getting a degree shouldn’t be about price tags but if you will end up broke and won’t even have money to go to your classes then that is definitely worth considering. However, in college you have options for scholarships, enrolling less units which means less tuition fee but longer period in school and a part-time job. 


3.  Identify career opportunities

After graduation the next step is obviously looking for a job, unless you have plans and capital to run your own business, which in most situations isn’t the case. Look at statistics. How much job opportunity is there? How much is the potential income? Do the careers related to your course have long time demand or just a flash in the pan? You wouldn’t want to enrol in a course all because it is in demand now. How about a few years when you have graduated?

Remember, it is OK to ask for people’s opinion but at the end of the day, the issue will be about how much you are earning versus if you are happy. If you prefer to choose one of the two, choose a winning option for your case. But if you can find something that will land you on a career path that can give you both, go for it.

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