5 Tips to Good Negotiation

When we talk about negotiation, we don’t always mean business. It happens everyday in different forms: when you to the stores when you borrow something from a friend or even when you are just watching TV. However, being good at negotiating is an asset especially when you are engaging in transactions even without money. I find this effective when I trade online at bartercall.com.

And I say that whatever it is you are dealing with, the situation has to be win-win. Here are the top 5 tips to better negotiation:

1. Focus on the first few minutes

Focus on the first five minutes. This is the time when the person you talk to is evaluating you in terms of knowledge, creativity and honesty.  Look good, know what you are talking about, appear confident but not too insistent. Adopt and adjust to the person’s emotional state.

2.  Give and get as much information as possible

You want to know the details because you want to know if it’s worth the thing you are trading it with. The value, the size, the color of the commodity, what it does and so on. When you negotiate you need to tell the person how this product or service can benefit him. And you also need to know why it is profitable for you as well. Don’t lie, never give false promises just to make your service or product look good.


3. Start High

Ask for the best ex-deal. When you do, people start to focus on what you are saying to find consistency and value between your demand and the product or service you are bartering for. This way, you are able to build your product or service and you have set a high standard as well.  Set the anchor for the deal that your “products” are of quality.

4.  Create sense of urgency

When people know that they might miss an opportunity, they tend to, say, grab the bait. No, you are not trying to trick them but when people know that the product or service is of high demand they equate it to being really good thus, would convince them to trade with you instead of with someone or something else.

5. Learn to say “No”

The main purpose of negotiation is to get the best trade possible. That is why it is win-win, which means both parties have benefitted. When you realise that you will not be getting a stable beneficial outcome, just know when and how to back off.  Because if you don’t, you just tend to give in to whatever the other person is saying.

Remember, you always want the best outcome possible. In order to get this, you have to offer something beneficial too. Build trust so people would know that it would always be good to do business with you.

10 Essential WordPress Plugins

Maintaining a blog is a lot of work – from designing your site to researching relevant content to writing and marketing. You surely don’t want to lose a year’s worth of work in a snap right? Or you want to maximise everything out there that can help you make your site more manageable. Here comes the plugins. Here are the 10 must use plugins in WordPress.

1. Akismet

You want comments but you want them from real people. Akismet blocks spam comments.

2. Sociable

This plug-in automatically bookmarks and links to your favourite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more.

3. NextGen Gallery

Posts look more beautiful with photos and this plug-in can really help with that.

4. Soliloquy

This plug-in loads sliders at amazing speed that doesn’t slow down your site.

5. BackUp WordPress

This allows you to save everything from your site.

6. BulletProof Security

This plug-in blocks XSS, CRLF, CSRF, RFL, code injection, SQL Injection and the likes.

7. Contact Form 7

This allows you to manage several contact forms and you can also customise the forms and mail contents.

8. Table Press

Install this plug-in so you can insert tables into your blog posts that can also be added to widgets and if you need the data exported, this tool allows you to do this too.

9. AdSanity

This is used to display ads that you can schedule. You can create time based ads that run for a certain period of time, or infinite ads.

10. Login Lockdown

Shoo the hackers away. By limiting log-in attempts, this will lock down admin area preventing hackers access to your sites.

There are still lots of other plug-ins available but these are the basic and most common tools there is. Aside from using plug-ins, you might also want to learn about keyword search that will allow you higher chance to land at the top of the list in search engines. I have written some keyword search tools here.

How about Barter?

During the times when money is really tight, we usually resort to borrowing money to buy what we need. What happens when nobody can lend you some? You go look for another. There is another way to get what we need without money. We just have to barter.

What is Barter?

Barter is the process of exchanging or trading goods or services without money. It is an age old tradition that was used long before money was invented and it sure works today.
It is resurfacing and regaining popularity because people have been realising its advantage in terms of business and finance management because it is a really simple system. It is also devoid of foreign exchange crisis and it allows for utilisation of personal and natural resources.

Usually, this process is being engaged to by small businesses enterprise but this can work for ordinary citizens as well. Students can also benefit from trade. Old books? Trade them for new ones. Old clothes? Barter for something else. The Barter System is so flexible and with today’s technology, it has become easy to connect with traders online.

( I write about how Barter helps save money here.)


Photo courtesy of wdc.com

However, there are some considerations for this process. There is no common measurement of value so the goods to be traded should at least almost be equal in worth.

Transport. Let’s consider this one. If you are going to meet in person, you would still have to spend time and money and effort for the product. If the barter is done online, the courier has to be paid too.

So I guess, in any transaction, money will still be involved, right? But if you don’t have enough but you’re OK with spending a little, barter will always be a good choice especially this process allows you to meet potential partners for your business, in short, it helps you grow your networks as well.

Daniel Radcliffe and Joe Jonas: The NYLON Effect

What would you do if two heartthrobs from different parts of the world were found in the same office?

Daniel Radcliffe sat for an hour as a NYLON office receptionist and things got really crazy! At first, people did not notice him but that couldn’t last for long with his gorgeous hair, manly suit and great rich accent. A little later, people start taking pictures and girls begin to smile and stare at him from afar.


After a while, another cutie that is Joe Jonas walked in the room, approached Dan for a meeting and guess what, the two of them didn’t seem to know each other!

With Daniel being confused at what number to call and where to locate stamps and Joe looking as puzzled as Dan did, that scene was too cute to handle!


Watch their encounter here:

5 Tips to Saving MORE Money

Everyone needs money. It is something that is universally valuable and it becomes extremely difficult when you have so many things you need but very limited resources. So what do we do? We save, we cut on our meals,which is really a BAD habit, or we lend. We want to put a stop to it but it is difficult! But we sure do have remedies. So, here are 5 ways to save MORE money.

1. Record your spendings

This way you have an idea of how much you need to pay for every month: the mortgage, car loans, school, groceries. Then write how much you earn every month. Look at the figures. If the spending side is larger than the earned side, try slashing off things you don’t really need, or lessening the amount of your purchases. Do this until both sides are balanced.  Just don’t starve yourself. But what if it is still not balanced? Okay, read on.

2. Buy the product, not the brand

You need coffee. You need it brewed. Your need it with whipped cream. You have so many problems! The more problems you have, the more money to spend. What’s wrong with instant coffee? Why do you have to spend $5 dollars when you can spend just $2? It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes but brand entails extra dollars. The not so popular canned food item should taste the same with the popular ones. Tip: when you go to the grocery store, make sure you have already eaten. When you’re hungry you tend to put in more to your basket because everything looks good.

3. Barter

Yes. Barter is when you exchange goods with other goods without the use of money. Of course you can sell old stuff, but barter is becoming a bit of a trend now. What if you really don’t have money and you need something? Trade it! The best thing about barter is it’s available online and it is really flexible. I have found a website that offers this service and it’s called bartercall.com

4. Use talent to earn money

You can write? You can design logos? Go on out there and offer services to your friends! You don’t need capital for this. Do it as extra work. Or you can do number 3. Make a deal: I design your brochures, you give me two free meals and stuff like that. Of course, be reasonable in your requests, though and be really good at what you do. You market yourself well, you get more clients or more free things.

5. Save

Bummer! Duh! I have read in a lot of financial freedom books that you have to save first and what’s left should be used for spending. It isn’t always applicable right? But nowadays, in order to secure yourself, you need to at least have six months worth of income in your account to put you through somehow in case of emergencies right? This is difficult but remember, buy only the things you need and not what you want. You could sometimes.

Are All Minions Dudes?

Yellow. Cylinder shaped. Glasses. Overalls with G at the centre. Who says Beeedooo-beeedooo-beeedooo and gets excited over Bananas. Minions! These guys are probably the best fictional characters created in the century! They are cute, funny and crazy!

We couldn’t tell them apart but what we know is there are millions of them but Mr. Gru remembers them all by name. We see them run after the ice cream truck, surf the beach and dress up.


And we hear their names. There’s Kevin and Dave and Stuart and Bob and hey… Are these all guys’ names? Yes. They are. We see them wear dresses and wigs… So inspite the cuteness overload, have we actually noticed that in all the movies, there have been no girl minions?

The Truth is… they are all guys. The real life creator of the characters, Pierre Coffin, admitted to this. They are all dudes.


When asked for the reason he replied, and get ready gals, “Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls.”

Oh, cheers to that! Nice point, however, where do these guys come from?

Some say they are made from corn kernels injected with human DNA but who knows? Until the statement is official, that means from Coffin, we can never really tell. But can you imagine these minions actually having moms? Grannies or hot sisters?



We surely would like to see how smart, sophisticated and confident female minions can alter the usual banana-eating, fun-shaming, innocent life of these guys.

A prequel to a prequel please?