5 Reasons to Chase After Your Dreams

You can be whatever you want to be, if you set your mind to it, it will happen.

This is the mantra I kept telling myself every day. This is the message I wrote on my High School yearbook and the parting message I shared in My College Graduation Speech. I can become what I want to become because when I say so, I will work hard to be.

This belief seems pretty normal: dreaming and chasing after them. But what if people start misunderstanding your pursuit and accuse you of things that never really crossed your mind and label you as too ambitious or insensitive? Would that mean you had to stop becoming and just settle for less? I think not.

5 Reasons to Chase After Your Dreams:

1. You have dreamt about it all your life

Remember the times when you wore a tiara and held a wand and believed you lived in a tower and were called a Princess? Or remember that one Christmas morning when you looked outside your home wishing there was snow and held on to the belief that Santa was real? Those were the good times, those were good feelings right? However, they are short lived because you realised that no matter how hard you wished, some things can’t really be true. But that moment when you wanted to become a writer or a doctor or a supermodel you knew you have a shot at that wonderful life. And that hope you had in you got you thru the bullying in High School and the competition in College because you know that unlike Santa popping from your chimney (and because you also don’t have one), that dream, whatever it is, has more than 80% chance of coming true. You have spent years believing it, practising it and feeling it– you wouldn’t want to put that to waste, do you?

2. You know you want to inspire people

Every one has had a favourite person once in his life, as a teenager I had one. As a young adult I still have a couple. And what do they do? They motivated me to be good in what I do not because I am obliged at school or work but because I have responsibility to other people. When they say we are interconnected as human beings, it is true. Imagine how you would feel when a younger person comes up to you and say “I never gave up because of you!” Awww! Like Hilary Duff said: that totally is What Dreams are Made Of!

3. You want to make your parents proud

Nothing beats the happiness you feel when your parents are teary eyed and smiling as they see people admire you. They cry because they know you turned out to be a good person and that you have followed the right track. This also includes you being able to provide a better life for your family.

4. You want to be proud of yourself

They say that when we are able to accomplish our goals, we boost our self esteem. Being so, we get to be happier and stress free. You want this not for fame or anything but for a sense of accomplishment within you. It is not luxury but a need. Simplypsychology.org’s write up on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs discusses it better. Here, take a quick look: image

5. Making your dreams come true doesn’t mean stepping on anyone but a challenge for them to be successful, too

Whenever someone becomes successful, people tend to become insecure and the reason is because you are pushing them to get out of their comfort zones. They know deep in them that they want to be like you, too but they are too afraid. Of what? Failures, rejection, maybe. But no matter what they say, it is your life and you don’t want to regret anything. As long as you are achieving your goals for the right purpose; that could be to help other people, to boost your confidence or just to be happy, go ahead. One of the biggest wastes of a lifetime is not achieving your greatest potential!

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