NBC Dissociates Trump

NBC drops airing of Ms. USA and Ms. Universe as it cuts ties with Donald Trump, reports USA Today.

During Trump’s speech for his presidential campaign he said, “Mexican leadership has been doing serious damage to the United States by out-negotiating our representatives and political leaders. They are taking our jobs, taking our money and at the same time hurting us at the border with illegals from all over the world freely flowing into our country.”

This caused an uproar among Hispanic Advocacy groups that they called for NBC to drop Trump, in which the said campaign on change.com got over 200,000 signatures.

“At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values,” the company said in a statement on Monday. “Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.”

This is the second instance that Trump’s shows are being dropped on air as Univision, a US-Spanish Language broadcaster, dropped the airing of Ms. Universe last week.

USA Today notes that Trump claimed that he fired himself from NBC because they did not want him to run for President. He also stated that they wanted him to still host The Apprentice, however, since Hispanic Advocacy groups are pressuring the network, they decided they did not want him anymore. He also called NBC weak and foolish for not siding with him. He also declared that he will take NBC’s decision of dropping the shows to court due to bridge of contract.

ABC News reports that another broadcasting company, Televisa, had recently dropped Trump following Univision and NBC.

However, this doesn’t seem to affect his stand in polls as he is currently running second to former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush amongst other Republican hopefuls.



Avril Lavigne Wins Over Lyme Disease

I thought I was dying.

Those were the words Avril Lavigne used to describe her struggle with Lyme Disease. She was diagnosed with the illness last October and was bedridden for five months, reports ABC News.

In an interview with ET Online, she relates how she would always feel lethargic and light headed to the point that she couldn’t shower for a week because she could barely stand. There were times when she couldn’t breathe and couldn’t eat that she thought she was dying.

She also expressed criticism over her doctors saying, “I was seeing every specialist and literally the top doctors, and … they would pull up their computer and be like, ‘Chronic fatigue syndrome?’” a teary Lavigne said. “Or, ‘Why don’t you try to get out of bed, Avril, and just go play the piano?’ … This is what they do to a lot of people who have Lyme disease. They don’t have an answer for them so they tell them, ‘You’re crazy.’” However, ET Online notes that Avril suspected she had been infected with Lyme disease two months before she was diagnosed and thought she caught it during spring. The whole process of looking for specialists took eight months.

She said she couldn’t imagine that a tick bite could do that to her as if “life was being sucked out of you” but the singer said that her fans were so supportive during the ordeal that she would spend time in bed watching videos made by them. Mirror.co.uk quotes her “Honestly, I felt very, very loved. And it sounds really silly saying it, but I truly did feel my fans through the process.”

Avril is now halfway through her treatment and she is seeing a lot of progress and expects that she will make 100% recovery.

Avril will be performing in the Special Olympic World Games opening ceremony in July 25 and is also expected to record a Christian album.

“I think for me, it’s a second shot at life… there is hope. Lyme disease does exist. And you can get better… I’m excited for life after this.” she declared.

The Sodom-Gomorrah Rebirth

What do we mean by freedom? What do we mean by choice? What do we mean by democracy?And lastly, how far do we go to satisfy ourselves? June 26 rocked the world as USA became the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriage in its 50 states. This is in order to practice the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the 14th  Amendment of the US  constitution.  Obama was at first a non supporter of this campaign but what changed his mind? The easy answer: democracy – that in our times is synonymous to freedom, equality and choice. He was even quoted saying that Same-sex marriage approval was a victory for America because

when Americans are treated as equals, we are more free – Obama

Of course, not just America celebrated, but the celebration for this movement swept across South East Asia as well. Now, there are differing opinions on this issue with love wins and end of times hashtags overflowing Twitter and rainbow profile pictures filling Facebook. What is the issue here? Is it really homosexuals being given equal rights? It all boils down to the worth our society puts on classifications. That is. Homosexuals are deemed to be part of the so called minorities in society, which include women, yes, we are considered that, thus, this stereotyping puts limits to what they can and cannot do therefore, raising issues on inequality among societies. What is odd is that we have been bombarded with Gender Equality campaigns that are supported by both sexes. Since gender is more of a societal role unlike sex which is biological, we can say then that Gender Equality encompasses men, women and LGBTs. So, if everyone seems to be taking pride at equality and all movements that it entails, why does campaigns like this exist at all? Now, is inequality really existing or it has long been gone but is revived for whatever purpose it can cause institutions? But the same sex marriage law is different for it encompasses two meta narratives that are really difficult to appease: religion and politics. Now, talking about democracy and freedom, probably giving what the people want is considered good and equal. Since the modern society acknowledges the existence of people from all walks of life, then it is just rightful to give them benefits and laws applicable to them, because that is the only way a certain decree would make sense. Now, what if it totally contradicts what was preached in church? How far should democracy go? Sodom and Gomorrah. Those are the cities that resurfaced along with celebratepride campaign. Why? Because these are the cities burned in The Bible due to detestable sins.

Gen. 19: 24: Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah – from the Lord out of the heavens.

What exactly was this?

Romans 1: 26-27 26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

That now is the premise of non supporters of same-sex union. No. They are not judging their LGBT friends, more so they are not against LGBT, they just oppose the union simply because their religious belief forbids it. But obviously, no matter how much The Roman Catholic Church is against it, so as other religious affiliations, some of their member are vocal about their full happiness and support for the passing of the law because finally they were allowed to love. We all are allowed to love whoever we want to love, however, we are not allowed to marry whoever we want to marry. For heterosexuals, that could touch the concept of adultery or concubinage, for LGBT it is just not allowed for it is just not traditional. In other countries at least. By limiting what we can and cannot do, we are not despising the individual. By saying that homosexuals can’t marry or by saying that people are non supporters of this new move, we are not forbidding the existence of these people but we are just not supportive of the act. What you do and who you are are two different things. That, we should understand. All of us. In reality, men will be creating their own laws that are not in accordance to Biblical laws so people say that we should stop debating regarding the morality of same sex marriage because violation of Biblical laws should have been expected. Now, another big word comes into picture: morality. A concept we all agree to be relative. So what exact measurement do we use that will cover each one’s tradition? Because if there really is no point of convergence in our basic principles, discussion is non sense. But what appalls me in this event is the number of people who are actually willing to go against their church beliefs just because they think this new move equalizes everything. If there is one thing that is sure, we always run to our Church-related principles to define what is right. If we acknowledge ourselves being part of a certain denomination, shouldn’t we submit fully to what it preaches? Can we really choose what not and what to follow if the Bible says this:

James 2:10: For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

Again, there is not one verse in the Bible that says that being a homosexual is bad. What is condemned is the act that is detestable but not the individual himself. This we know because God created all people. It is just what we do that makes us worthy or not. Yes, we acknowledge our differences and our special needs, but how far do we stray away from our religious beliefs? When is the time we choose man’s law over that of our own preachers? At the end, it’s our choices that sums up our life as individuals. image

How LDR is Really Like and HOW to Deal With It

They said: I bet they’ll never make it.

There goes that Shania Twain song. *Sighs*

Yes, I know the feels. First, your spine tingles then it gets to your chest, as if a lump is forming there and then it runs up to your eyes and then… No. I am not making you cry.  I know the feels. I do.

It is rather odd that in the past couple of weeks I have been seeing posts in my social media accounts about LDR (Long Distance Relationship) and it seems as if this category has evolved into something less of what it actually was and has been mistaken to a cyber relationship.

Some videos are also sooo misleading that they are tagged as long distance relationship when in fact they aren’t but was just tagging along the lines of modern dating and communication.

FYI : Just so you know, just because you are SKYPEing your partner doesn’t mean it is LDR.
: Just because you are video chatting doesn’t mean you are in LDR.
: Just because he is spending a week or two on vacation doesn’t mean it is LDR.

Yes, we can be thankful to the new world for they overcame geographical boundaries and any relationship can benefit from this.

What is LDR?

First, why am I qualified to tell you about this and why should you read this?

1. I know people who are actually in a long distance relationship,and no,they are both in the same country and

2. I was (or currently) in a long distance relationship.

So if there is anyone who could advise you on such a matter, it is nobody but a person who is being or has been through LDR.


1. It is LDR if you cannot go on a date unplanned

Everything should be in schedule. Unlike other couples, you cannot see each other whenever you feel like it. You usually have to plan at least a week in advance for a three-hour-date and if you’re lucky, the whole day.

2. You can count in your fingers the number of times you saw each other in a month or in a year

Because it seems like a rare occasion, you dress up big time! You wear new clothes even if you know,or you don’t even have to impress him with the size of your wardrobe because like I mentioned, dating comes not too often and simply,

3. You are in LDR if you have to travel three hours to see him for one

From the term itself, long distance. Of course, travel time varies but if you know you are kilometres away and you realise that you spend more time of the day sitting in the cab or in the bus more than the time you spend together, then definitely it is LDR.

Now if your relationship is not going through any of these on a regular basis, then it is not LDR. Based on my experience, LDR is not temporary. It is something quite permanent at the moment (who knows what’s gonna happen in the next years, right?).


I have to admit that there are two types of LDR, a relationship that has been like it since the beginning, and the one that has just become one. Regardless, they are both LDR. Mine was LDR since the beginning so at first, I didn’t feel the complications, but a few months deeper into it, I begun feeling dragged by the depression that came along with it.

1. When you HAVE to see him because you MISS HIM SOOO MUCH!

There was a time then when I was on the ride home after work, at night, we were exchanging messages on the phone when I suddenly smelled his perfume. Of course, it wasn’t his or him for the matter but I suddenly realised we haven’t met for three months and while I was texting, I felt like crying in the bus! The feeling was sooo bad the texting couldn’t compensate even after I got home. So what did I do? I called him. Hearing his voice made me sadder but it was better! I closed my eyes and he was already beside me. You know what he did on the other line when he heard my voice breaking? He teased me, saying that his gorgeousness got me like that. It worked. When I was feeling down, he would be the person who would be on the lighter side.

2. When you cannot celebrate anything together

LET IT GO. As simple as that. We never celebrated anything not even our anniversary. Simply because we couldn’t. So, you gave up just like that? No. I did not give up. I became a considerate and practical girlfriend. We are not like any other couples. We were hours apart. It is not a!ways that you have to go through the rocks to show how much you love each other. Back then, I didn’t need proof because if he didn’t, why would he bear an LDR with me when he could just pick some other girl? I also gave him the peace of mind that I am safely with him at my own home.

3. when people say you are not prioritised

Don’t listen to them. It is you and him who are in that relationship and not them. No one knows your story better than the two of you do. No one knows you and him better that you two know each other. One mistake I did then was the time I forgot what and how we were and listened to people say how we should be that I started looking for a relationship that is not us. Wrong move. I regret that up to this day ( I explain why in the link).

4. When you can’t always be together

Our planned dates were usually cancelled and we only get to actually see each other after at least three months. Yes, there never was a time when we saw each other twice in a month or two, it would always be at least three months and only for a few hours. It was all because of work. But that was okay, he was running his business so was I, and we were mature enough to understand that we have worlds outside our own world so the cancellations did not matter because he makes up for it in his own ways. So I LET IT GO. It never became a cause of argument . Remember, never entertain negative thoughts because when you do you are not just ruining your relationship but also yourself.

I’m glad we didn’t listen, look at what we could be missing.

5. When he can’t be the boyfriend who just shows up in the middle of the rain with flowers. But he is the boyfriend who loves you and dreams of you from afar. Do not put too much expectations on something you know is limited.

If he loves me he will go through the odds just to see me blah, blah,blah

Isn’t the long distance not a huge odd enough to prove how much he wants you?  Believe it or not, he feels the same way you do when he can’t see you, or smell you or show you off to his friends. Men just have different ways of processing emotions but every cry, every I miss you, every whine and sadness you project in the relationship creates a ripple in him, too. This type of relationship is different and difficult, what you need are: compromise, understanding and trust. Never compare your relationship to others, every relationship is unique and with different “requirements.” Most especially, every guy is different.

So, it all boils down to two things: acceptance of how you really are and the limitations that go along with it and being realistic with your demands and your ideal “us.”

And as I finish this post, my brain reminds me of this line:

We beat the odds together… We’re still together, still going strong.

5 Reasons to Chase After Your Dreams

You can be whatever you want to be, if you set your mind to it, it will happen.

This is the mantra I kept telling myself every day. This is the message I wrote on my High School yearbook and the parting message I shared in My College Graduation Speech. I can become what I want to become because when I say so, I will work hard to be.

This belief seems pretty normal: dreaming and chasing after them. But what if people start misunderstanding your pursuit and accuse you of things that never really crossed your mind and label you as too ambitious or insensitive? Would that mean you had to stop becoming and just settle for less? I think not.

5 Reasons to Chase After Your Dreams:

1. You have dreamt about it all your life

Remember the times when you wore a tiara and held a wand and believed you lived in a tower and were called a Princess? Or remember that one Christmas morning when you looked outside your home wishing there was snow and held on to the belief that Santa was real? Those were the good times, those were good feelings right? However, they are short lived because you realised that no matter how hard you wished, some things can’t really be true. But that moment when you wanted to become a writer or a doctor or a supermodel you knew you have a shot at that wonderful life. And that hope you had in you got you thru the bullying in High School and the competition in College because you know that unlike Santa popping from your chimney (and because you also don’t have one), that dream, whatever it is, has more than 80% chance of coming true. You have spent years believing it, practising it and feeling it– you wouldn’t want to put that to waste, do you?

2. You know you want to inspire people

Every one has had a favourite person once in his life, as a teenager I had one. As a young adult I still have a couple. And what do they do? They motivated me to be good in what I do not because I am obliged at school or work but because I have responsibility to other people. When they say we are interconnected as human beings, it is true. Imagine how you would feel when a younger person comes up to you and say “I never gave up because of you!” Awww! Like Hilary Duff said: that totally is What Dreams are Made Of!

3. You want to make your parents proud

Nothing beats the happiness you feel when your parents are teary eyed and smiling as they see people admire you. They cry because they know you turned out to be a good person and that you have followed the right track. This also includes you being able to provide a better life for your family.

4. You want to be proud of yourself

They say that when we are able to accomplish our goals, we boost our self esteem. Being so, we get to be happier and stress free. You want this not for fame or anything but for a sense of accomplishment within you. It is not luxury but a need. Simplypsychology.org’s write up on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs discusses it better. Here, take a quick look: image

5. Making your dreams come true doesn’t mean stepping on anyone but a challenge for them to be successful, too

Whenever someone becomes successful, people tend to become insecure and the reason is because you are pushing them to get out of their comfort zones. They know deep in them that they want to be like you, too but they are too afraid. Of what? Failures, rejection, maybe. But no matter what they say, it is your life and you don’t want to regret anything. As long as you are achieving your goals for the right purpose; that could be to help other people, to boost your confidence or just to be happy, go ahead. One of the biggest wastes of a lifetime is not achieving your greatest potential!

5 Most Common Break Up Mistakes

We should stop being together.

That is probably the most dreaded line any girl in love wouldn’t want to hear. Simply because when we are in love we want it to be forever. We have this grand idea of marrying our first love so that no matter what happened to him in the past, we become that one woman who changed him. The one woman he would love deeply. But love is not just a one-person-ideology and we have to understand that what goes on in a girls mind is not exactly what is going on in his.

Regardless of how a girl would want a relationship to work, sometimes it really wouldn’t. And it is not because she is not cute enough or sweet enough but because he has moved on from that point in his life when he needed you because he has fallen out of love. And when this happens, girls blame themselves repeating the scenario several times. But girls get this: break ups are not your fault! People just change. That’s all. Sometimes a girl even gets drowned in the ideology that it is just a phase and he will soon be over it and he will run back to her arms and that only prolongs the agony.

5 Most Common Break Up Mistakes:

1. Denying reality. We were making plans. He said he loved me. I mean the world to him. This is not happening! Spell GUILTY. The first thing that makes break ups hard is the fact that girls do not want to accept it. Their brains say one thing, the heart says another. By doing this, we experience conflict within ourselves and it drains the energy in us. We become stressed, we withdraw from people and the worst is we are lying to ourselves! As Buddha puts it,

with acceptance comes peace.

2. Blaming yourself. When couples break up, the first question that would come up would be “Why? What did I do?” Here, we already assume that we messed up the relationship so bad that our partner would want to call it quits. Of course, even if you ask thousands of times he will never quite give you the reason, instead, he would try to divert the conversation and try mightily to lessen your pain by saying that it’s not you it’s me cliche but the thing is, if it is really him why can’t he just better himself instead of hurting you? The answer: if you know you’ve been honest all the time, whatever his reasons are for breaking up, it is never your fault. He probably needs that time off. Guilty or not, that means time without you. Looking back at your relationship trying to spot your mistake is equivalent to you creating a problem and demeaning yourself rather than fixing whatever is broken, your heart.

3. Surrounding yourself with memories. It is ironic but sometimes when girls feel down they don’t try to cheer themselves up but they tend to wallow in sadness! This entails listening to sad songs, staying in the bedroom crying her heart out while staring at his old messages and photos where he is superman and she was Lois Lane. Talk about inflicting pain. At this stage, it is better to take your photos off the wall and better yet, resort to watching comedy horror films like these Asian flicks called Pee Mak and Hantu Tanah Kusir because aside from simple sense of thrill and the challenge of understanding the plot without the subtitles, you would also get to be laughing again. It is much better to let go of sad thoughts for a while instead of drilling your head with those by watching romantic comedies that won’t just make you remember but will keep you questioning what went wrong in your relationship. Remember, rom-coms are scripted, they are not about you and your ex. Oh, we are not watching romcoms anytime, okay?

4. Stalking him. The whole point in breaking up is to separate from each other! Harsh but real. Why would he want some time off on his own if he would just want you to tag along? This range from looking at his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to trying to call and text him. It is pretty normal these days to go online to snoop at whatever an ex is doing since social networking has become part of our lives. Rachel Sussman in her book,Breakup Bible, talks more about this. You tag along in his every post checking if he has moved on or if he is seeing a new girl. Let me ask you this question: what for? You two broke up so he has no obligations to you anymore. And if he seems happy, don’t make yourself feel bad by looking at his life online. People have this habit of posting whatever looks good and acceptable so there is a huge chance that whatever you are seeing will affect how you look at yourself by thinking that you are a person not worth crying for all just because his status says so. By doing this, you are making moving on (I discussed ways to do this here) long and agonising.

5. Begging him back. A guy friend of mine once told me about this film he watched where the girl tried to lure her ex back after years of separation. In the film, the girl literally begged for him to get back with her. Girls think it is romantic because if guys could declare their love why can’t girls, right? Wrong! My friend said that if there is anything he would feel about the girl begging on him that would be nothing but dismay. My mom also said that when a guy stops loving you, there is no way you could get him back. And consider this: when a guy knows that you can be so head over heels over him to the point you actually beg for him, it only gives him this idea that he could treat you as an option and not a choice, a doormat and not a person. Do the lady in you a favour, save your self worth and just think about how you would feel about it a few months after. If you feel like being disgusted then, remind that to yourself. image